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Kymyo Industrial Corp.


Kymyo Industrial Corp.

Manufacturer of air tools, including- (1) air nailer, air stapler, belt sander, air sanders, abrasive tools, air conditioning tools, air agitators, air blow gun, air brushes, air caulking gun, air cut off tools, air cutters, air die grinder, air drill, air dusters, air files ,air grinders, air guns, air hammers, air angle hose reels, air impact tools, air knife, air nail guns, air needle scalers, air ratchet wrenches, air reciprocating saws, pneumatic stockade saw filers, air riveters, air screwdrivers, air tool accessory, air tool kits, air tool parts, air torque wrenches, brad nailers, die grinders, disc sanders, drill hammers, impact wrenches, jitterbug sanders, mini compressors, nail guns, orbital sanders, palm nailer & sanders, pneumatic hammers, pneumatic impact wrenches, pneumatic nailers & staplers, random orbit sanders, ratchet wrenches, roofing nailers, sand blasters, spray heads, spring balancer, tire repair kits. (2) random orbital sanders- dust free dual action sanders, dust free mini orbital sanders, central vacuum D/S sanders, palm orbital sanders, abrasive finishing tools & finishing sanders, hand pads. (3) automotive body tools. (4) buffers & polishers- heavy duty angled polishers, roll polishers. (5) air shears- air metal shears, air nibblers, air riveters. (6) industrial wet & dry vacuum cleaners- automatic control vacuum cleaners, a workstation for grinders specially. (7) reciprocating tools, finger sanders, air needle scalars, cut off wheel tools, smart erasers. (8) sanders accessories, sanding belts, sanding machines, sand blasters, dust hose sets, dust amass bags, eraser wheels, mend tools, air sanders & grinders, vertical grinders, air polishers, air belt & disc sanders, air buffers, air drills & die grinders, air wrenches & saws, air screw drivers, air flux chippers, air needle scales, air nailers, air paint spray guns. (9) woodworking machinery & tools- wood working power tools, staple guns. (10) industrial paint tools- spray guns, special paints.

Kymyo Industries Corp. was established in 1986,we.are a market lead in manufacturing air tool and spare parts for woodcraft, car metal sheet painting, FRP and car washing businesses. The tools contain pneumatic sander, pneumatic wheel sander, pneumatic polisher, pneumatic belt sander, spray gun, pneumatic shear, pneumatic saw, pneumatic drill, pneumatic screwdriver, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic riveter, sanding pad, sanding paper and sponge wheel. Our objective is to raise product quality beyond the clients' standards. For years, we have brought in advanced technique at home and from abroad to educate engineers, perfecting product quality. With considerable experiences and need of market division task, we keep on developing and innovating new products. In addition to new products development, improving the present products for customer satisfaction is what we focus on. Our policy is moderate price, great quality, quick service and distinguished features. In Asia, we market our branded COMBEST to Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Furthermore, we forge solid relationship of contract manufacturing with well-known American and European corporations and sell worldwide. Any cooperation proposal from global buyers is welcome.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Tina Lu
Telephone: 886-4-25621408
Fax: 886-4-25626017
Address: No. 36-2, Lane 667, Chung Shan Rd., Shenkang Township, Taichung County 429, Taiwan
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