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Taimen Foods Corporation


Taimen Foods Corporation

frozen products & seafoods- frozen crawfishes & scallops, fresh seafood, frozen products & seafood & foods, seafood foods, frozen scallops. red spot emperor fish fillets, baby octopus, barrmaundi fillets, black tiger prawns, cat fish & shrimps, crab meals & meats, cuttle fish fillets, fish meals, grouper fillets, squid tubes, king snapper & leather jacket fish fillets, loligo squids, mahi fillets, milk fish, oil & pacific dory fish fillets, parrot fish & pearl fillets, pink shrimps, red lobster tails, red spot emeror fillets, scallop meals & meats, shrimp meals & shell meals, slipper lobster meats, slipper lobster tails, squid fillets, squid meals & steaks, surgeon & sweetlip fillets, swimming crabs, sword fish & tilapia fillets, white fish & cobbler fish fillets.

Exporter of frozen seafood, such as farmed black tiger prawn, sea catch shrimp, fresh water shrimp, sea water fish, sword fish, squid, octopus, cuttle fish, scallop, lobster, slipper lobster and sea cucumber supplied worldwide since 1978.
Categories:   Frozen Food   Frozen Seafoods   Leather Jackets   Sword Manufacturers
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mrs. I Hsiu Chen
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Megaprima Taiwan International Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of textile fabric, industrial fabric, woven fabric, polyester fabric, nylon fabric, knitting fabric, tricot brushed fabric, fleece fabric, interlock fabric, single jersey fabric, lining fabric, mesh fabric, polyester suede fabric, bed sheets, treatment fabrics, household fabric and RTA furniture beside that we have supply polyester yarn in POY, FDY, DTY, ITY, RING SPUN YARN.

Dan Yu Sports Equipments Co., Ltd.

neoprene products- leather jackets, bags and gloves for sport, wet suits for diving and surfing, diving hoods,
boots and gloves for diving, fishing, cycling and water sports.
kidney belts and knee protectors for motorcyclists.
watersports accessories, protection equipment, sportswear, sport clothes.

Marine Delta International Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of fishing equipments, fishing gears supply lead core lines, pp braided lead sinker ropes, PP multifilament lines braided leads sinker ropes, polyester lead rope, lead weights, egg sinkers, nylon braided twines, cordages, builder lines, nylon bricklayer lines, polyester VB cords, polyester ventian blind cords, curtain cord, spun polyester hanging twines, PE twine, mountain climbing ropes, anchor ropes, PP danlines, nylon/ PE fishing nets, oyster net bags, nylon mono lines, PP/ PE water ski rop...

Weifang Zhongchengwang Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

boxing gloves, boxing glove, heavy bag, protectors, combination speed bags, medicine ball, performance sword, junior training sets, junior TKD uniform.


ancient gun, wooden snake toys, CD shelf, wooden sword and knife toys,

China Kung-Fu Instruments Co., Ltd.

handtools- long/ short/ wooden weapons, tai-gey/ qi-xing swords, sword tassels/ bags, weapon heads/ stands, sai weapon, kung-fu suits, steel/ bamboo fans, tai-gey/ soft knifes, collapsible/ long chan/ wu shu swords, long's cudgels, 3-section staffs.

Dah Shin Knife Product Co., Ltd.

knife ( knives), cutter, cutlery, sword, katana, wakizashi, tanto, displau stand, sword cane, ninja, diving equipment.

Hwang Guang Co., Ltd.

antiques and collectibles & martial art equipment including military school command swords,
western sword, Tai Chi sword, various martial arts accessories, mountain climbing sports
equipments, missile models, medals, cups.

Lecxon Industrial Corporation

Manufacturer of fish hook, fishing tackles, sword fish hooks, swordfish hooks, fishing crotchets, fishinghooks, fishing tools, tuna hooks, fishhook manufacturing machinery.

Wustar Martial Arts Equipment Co., Ltd.

boxing gloves, boxing glove, sandbag glaves, kick boxing gloves, sword accessories, munchakus, other weapons, kendo products, body-building.


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