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Gou Ming Li Co., Ltd.


Gou Ming Li Co., Ltd.

we provide precision filters, FL filter plate types, FL lock hats, FL filter tubes, FL Carambola types, stainless steel filters, acid-resisted pumps, GD & GL horizontal self-priming chemical pumps, CD & BP vertical acid ( alkaline) resisted pumps, MSL & HD idling pumps, GS & AS coaxial vortex pumps, NH & TMD & MDH magnetic pumps, double diaphragm air pumps, blowers, freezers, industrial pure water machines, filter bags, filter pumps, automatic plating machinery, arm rotary plating equipment, gantry cranes, surface treatment ( environmental) equipments, chemical liquid filter machineries, custom made products.

Gou Ming Li Co., Ltd. is a professional precision filter and acid-resisted pump manufacturer. Based on the strong technology and well quality, the company has won a well reputation from home and abroad customers. Products are sold at home in more than 20 provinces as well as abroad to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, Europe, and other countries. We are proudly introduce our products with outstanding quality, professional knowledge, and good service system. Our company hopes to establish the chemical equipment brand image by the outstanding product quality, professional knowledge, and good service system. Gou-Ming-Li keeps base in Taiwan, vision in the world, and facing the future, we will achieve a better future in the international market more stable and longer. Look forward to your joining for the festivities and opinions are welcome. We sincerely welcome global customers to visit us and dealers are wanted.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Yu Sheng Huang
Telephone: 886-6-5851533
Fax: 886-6-5838401
Address: No.322, Shiao Sin Village, Sanhua Township, Tainan County 74174, Taiwan
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