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Yea Jwu Plastics Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Yea Jwu Plastics Enterprise Co., Ltd.

We are a professional manufacturer of plastic products, including (1) plastic extrusion- rigid straps, soft straps, tubes & pipes, shoes material. (2) TPU elastic tapes. (3) clothing accessories- bra straps, elastic threads & cords, elastic straps, rubber tapes, hook and adjuster for shoulder strap, silicone coating series. (4) TPU & PVC films. (5) plastic injection molds- plastic injection parts, plastic injection molded parts.

Yea Jwu Plastics Enterprise Co., Ltd. established in Min-Shyong Industrial District, Chia-Yi Hsien, Taiwan in 1987. We are professional manufacturer of plastic products. We can provide superior products of extrusion, injection, calender processing, and other industrial plastic components/accessories.... Our main business covers plastic lumber, TPU film, TPU membrane, TPU elastic tapes, TPU bra straps, clothing accessories, injection parts, plastic molds and other extrusion products, etc…With the growth of our business, we increased International Trade Dept. and started our cooperation by investing several affiliated enterprises in 1993. In 1998, we established China factory in GuangZhou and other oversea offices to successively strengthen our supply and service. We have experienced engineers to lead the R&D department, and use high-accuracy facilities as the basis of production; to consecutively provide the best products and service to customers is Yea Jwu's sustainable goal toward business.
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Country: Taiwan
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