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Beauty Emblem Inc.


Beauty Emblem Inc.

Our main products are badges, emblems, appliqué embroidery patches, chenille & bullions badges, metal pins, coins, tie-bars, key rings, woven labels, lanyards, ball caps, solid foaming patches, rubber/PVC/ nylon/ plastics patches, flocking (sports, logo, car, clothes, air force, military, special day, Christmas, American flag, sweat, police, animal, fruit, flower, loloft, varieties, brand) patches, enamel pins, safety lapels, jewelry lapel pins, cloisonne pins, metal labels pins, embroidery photo frames, embroidery tag brilliants, bookmarks, dog tags, luggage tags, embroidery hanging decorations, and etc. OEM and ODM are welcome.

With 25-years experience, newly expanded company, Beauty Emblem Inc., established in 2008, is specialized in manufacturing a wide range of embroidery patch, emblem, and badge such as appliqué patches, chenille & bullions badge, metal pins, coin, dog tags, tie-bar, key rings, woven label, lanyards, ball caps, solid foaming patches, rubber/PVC/ nylon/ plastics patches, flocking (sports, logo) badges, and etc. Fantastic digitizing with accurate manual drawings is beforehand. Professional graphics are available to offer. We are constantly in keeping researching, developing, and innovating the most advanced products and services for our customers. Flexible and huge production capacity is both in Taiwan and China factories. Our China plant is certified by UKAS with ISO 9001:2000. Also, our embroidery threads and glues are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 pass. Moreover, we use Compucon's E.O.S. software to present realistic colored embroidering screen previews. Absolutely top quality at competitive price, the fastest delivery, and the best services. Beauty Emblem is confident that we can supply the output that customers' desire.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Bella Cheng
Telephone: 886-2-28811483
Fax: 886-2-28810332
Address: 8F, No. 198, Sec. 4, Cheng Te Rd., Shihlin Dist., Taipei City, 111, Taiwan
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