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Trinity Computer Technology Co., Ltd.


Trinity Computer Technology Co., Ltd.

computer peripherals including VGA cards, CPU, memory, FAX modems, sound cards, motherboards( mainboards),
SCSI controllers, storage devices etc..
Categories:   Computer Storage Devices   Computer Mainboards   VGA Card Manufacturers   Fax Modems
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Super Grace Electronics Co., Ltd.

computer components including PC motherboards, VGA cards, sound cards, fax modems& accessories,
CPU, modules.

Spring Spread Enterprise Co., Ltd.

computer component- CPU coller, system cooler, hard drive cooler, VGA card cooler,
cooling fan, heat description curve, and heatsink.

Shuttle Inc.

audio cards, VGA vards, mainboards( chipset based, form factor).

Electronic Cooling Tech. Co., Ltd.

computer components& peripherals including VGA cards, multimedia speakers, AC/ DC cooling
fans, CPU& chips coolers, thermal solutions, adaptor cards, case bracket ventilators.

Trinity Computer Tech. Co., Ltd

electronic& computer components& peripherals including motherboards( maniboards),
VGA cards, memory modules, CD-ROM, fax modems, FDD( floppy disk), HDD( hard disc),
CPU, CPU colling fans, monitors, SCSI controllers, CD-R/ CD-RW medias, keyboards,
IC, resistors, diodes, etc...

Astra Communication Corp.

computer peripherals including QDA display- wall system, QDA quad display adapters,
multi- channel keyboard adapters/ keyboards/ communication adapters, LCD monitors,
backplanes, CPU cards, industrial chassis, VGA cards, flat panel walls, multi - user system.

T.C.Star Electronic Co., Ltd.

computer components& peripherals including cooling fans, UPS, mainboards( motherboards),
SCSI/ USB adapters, sound cards, modems, display( VGA) cards, TV cards, 3D accelerators, etc...

Canvas Technology Inc.

computer components& peripherals including PC system, digital video cameras, PC to
TV converters, VGA cards, AGP bus, motherboards( mainboards), fax modems, CD-ROM
drives, sound cards, monitors, keyboards, mouse, casings, etc...

Justec International Technology Inc.

computer products & PC peripheral, parts & accessory ( accessories), telecommunication & networking products & equipments- GPS bluetooth ( blue tooth) & receivers & smart receivers, ADSL USB modems, ADSL routers & wireless routers, LAN & NIC cards, 56K fax & internal modems, 56K USB modems, ADSL modem routers, ADSL modems, switch hubs, SOHO & enterprise switches, VOIP phones & routers & gateway, IP DSLAM XDSL routers, skype phones, wireless cards, wireless AP & AP routers, wireless USB adaptors, GIGA & mana...

Push Power Enterprise Co., Ltd.

We provide (1) mold making, rubber mold, precise plastic injections- mobile phone, audio & monitor covers, digital & video cameras, projector routers, modem, radio, plastic electroplate production, EMI electroplate productions mobile phone cover, rubber & special printing, SLIM cases. (2) telecommunication equipments- walkman, telephones, faxes. (3) OEM products & assembly.


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