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Wistron NeWeb Corporation


Wistron NeWeb Corporation

mobile phone & accessories- (1) satelite multimedia- satellite set top boxes. (2) digital radios- internet radio receivers. (3) TV products- mobile TVs. (4) mobile phones- GPRS & GSM phones. (5) networking devices- VoIP Gateway. (6) antenna products- GPS antenna.

Wistron NeWeb Corporation ( WNC) was established in 1996. We focus on the rapid development & innovative application of wireless communication products, such as WiFi VoIP phones, VoIP gateways, WLAN access point, mobile smart phones, GPRS/ PHS dual mode phone, set-top box, antennas, etc. We provide complete technical support for RF antenna, software and hardware, system integration, mechanical design, interface development, product testing and certification. With our advantage in product expertise and strategic management, WNC constantly provides user-friendly wireless communication products to global consumers and has become the best business partner for system operators and content service providers. We are a very unique wireless communication ODM/OEM supplier covering short, medium, and long range wireless communication technology and well adapted to managing technical integration and product design across different product lines. To provide clients with a boundary-free experience in the wireless world, WNC started from personal local networks and expanded its business to office buildings and wireless network connections in communities. Wireless connections range from personal peripherals ( e.g. Bluetooth series products) to network interconnections in the building ( e.g. the application of network bridge). Combining theory with actual applications, wireless communication has demonstrated its power to the user. With a strong passion for wireless technology, our R&D teams consistently introduce innovative wireless communication devices. WNC’s products have been awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award several times, emphasizing its professional emphasis on wireless communication. In addition, WNC products can be customized and designed according to various client needs. Products are easy to install and operate and users can utilize all wireless network functions with ease, including wireless internet connections, information transmissions, information sharing, and full access to multimedia entertainment. As a leader in advanced technology, WNC must be highly sensitive and respond to future technical trends. With its professional expertise, increasing sales turnover, and in-depth knowledge in the market, WNC is well capable of envisioning the future. Breaking through technical bottlenecks and constraints, WNC’s innovative mindset will create a great future for wireless network applications
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Country: Taiwan
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(4) satellite TV receiving( receiver)(5) wireless personal mobile communication.

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dish setting monitors& finders, splitters& power divides, CATV/ MATV equipments, cable
television converters, outdoor antenna/ multi- taps boosters, indoor amplifiers, signal
combiners, transformers, filters, other video accessories.


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