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Chu Hung Oil Seal Ind. Co., Ltd.


Chu Hung Oil Seal Ind. Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of oil seals, wiper seal, Teflon seal, axle seals, power steering seals, nylon seal, PU seal, shock absorber seals, wash machine seal, oil bonded seals (washer seals), valve stem seals, o ring, piston seals, hydraulic seals & packing rubber parts, oil seal contract manufacturing, unitized seals, special type oil seal (for cars motor and industrial), rotary shaft seals, gamma seals, X & V rings, PTFE seals, pinion seals, transmission seals, air conditioning seals, crankshaft seals, paper mill seals, standard oil seals, cassette seals, large seal, static seals, piston rod seal, metallic gaskets, end caps, face seals, OEM & ODM, etc.

CHO Sealing Tech. is a major designer, manufacturer and supplier of rotary shaft seals and other sealing products for both OEM’s and aftermarkets alike. Serving both automotive and industrial customers worldwide, we are a privately owned company based in Taiwan, a region where 70% of seals for the global aftermarket are manufactured. Over the last 5 years, CHO have enjoyed unrivalled success and are the fastest growing Seal Company in Taiwan with 20% accumulative growth over this period. Our success is based on constantly improving capabilities to match customer’s needs, both in terms of the products and the service we provide. We have a large selection of all types of standard seals in stock, which include rotary shaft seals, wiper seals, gamma seals, O rings, X rings, V rings, bonded seals, valve stem seals, rubber oil seals, PTFE seals, all styles of axle seals, pinion seals, washing machine seals, power steering seals, transmission seals, air conditioning seals, crankshaft seals, paper mill seals and many more. As well as manufacturing and supplying all types of standard seals, CHO also design and manufacture special seals where standard seals will not do the job. Provide us with the required application information and we will use our design and manufacturing experience to provide the most cost effective ‘fit for purpose’ solution.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Winston Lai
Telephone: 886-49-2256276
Fax: 886-49-2256295
Address: No. 10, Yang-Hsing Rd, Nantou City, Nantou County 542, Taiwan
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