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MFC Sealing Technology Co., Ltd.


MFC Sealing Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of automotive and industrial oil seals, PTFE seals, o-rings, o-ring cords, precision o-rings, FFKM o-rings, perfluro o-rings, precision custom designed rubber molded parts, mechanical seals, bonded slit valve doors, gate valve seals, robot pads, center rings, gaskets, spring seals, lip seals, membranes, axle/ hub seals, crankshaft seals, gamma rings, o-ring kits, power steering seals, screw caps, wipers, and so forth.

MFC Sealing Technology is a leading manufacturer of oil seals, o-rings and precision custom designed rubber molded products, maintaining excellent quality and customer satisfaction is its number one priority. In order to reach this objective MFC has been constantly upgrading its manufacturing capability by the application of State-of-The-Art equipment as well as continuous training of its personnel. We have been in the business for more than 30 years, our products have been successfully distributed to well-known industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, food, textile, agricultural, chemical, railway, washing machine, forklift, semiconductors and TFT-LCD. We are very proud to announce that the MFC quality has been assured, and approved by our valued customers from Europe, America, Japan and Mainland China. In order to maintain outstanding manufacturing standards and staying in the forefront of manufacturing technology, MFC and its subsidiaries (HFC and MHC) have not only obtained the ISO9002 in the 1990's, but have also became QS9000 certified. MFC Headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan is also now an ISO9001 certified company. Despite all these qualifications MFC and its subsidiary in Shenzhen (HFC) are also approved by the American NSF organization for rubber material parts suitable for drinking water. We are currently also working on gaining the WRC (UK standard) and the KTW (German standard) approval. In the effort to ensure continuous improvement on customer service, the MFC Group has introduced and adopted the ERP system since year 2001. However, the true strength of MFC is innovation, creativity and experience; they all come from our personnel, some of whom have already been with the company since its establishment. Not only have they been growing with the company they also made MFC prosperous. Thanks to them, MFC's turnover has been growing at a constant and annual rate of 30%. We are determined to offer satisfactory products with effective prices and services, so do not hesitate to get in contact with us, we will be very pleased to assist you at any stage of your project.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Frank Jan
Telephone: 886-2-22988556
Fax: 886-2-22992189
Address: No. 41, Wu-Chuan-Wu Rd., Wu-Ku Industrial Zone, Wugu Township, Taipei Hsien 248, Taiwan
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