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Safety Planet Group Co., Ltd.

We provide eyewear and related accessories, such as fashion sunglasses, costume sport sun glasses, water sports sun glass, bicycle eyewear, motorcycle eye wear, sporting safety eyewear, industrial safety eyewears, shooting eyewear, military eyewear, reading glasses, kid’s sunglasses, ski goggle, fish sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, 3d glasses), eye glasses for kids, accessories of eyewear.

Gainwise Int'l Co., Ltd.

A global supplier of innovative products include puzzle items, stationery, DIY products, key chain, eyeglass polisher, disk cleaner, rolling rulers, clip boards, strap dispenser hand tool, education puzzle games / toys, eyewear lens cleaner, CD & DVD cleaner and other novelty and promotional items.

Sunfree Enterprise Co., Ltd.

optical & eyewear products, glasses- sunglasses ( sun glasses, sun-glasses) & reading glasses, sports ( sporting) & safety ( safe) glasses, kids ( child, children, kiddies, kiddy) glasses, metal & plastic glasses, optical & motor goggles.

Sun Set Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of sun glasses, reading glasses, optical frame, readers, sports sunglasses, eyeglasses, glasses, safety eyewear, goggles, clip on, glasses, UV400 sunglasses, beach sun glasses, kid's sunglasses, special glasses.

Modern Auto Products Corporation

automobiles, cars, vehicle parts- rearview mirrors of safety plastic lens and accessories, including
of rearview mirror, colored multi-layer vacuum plating for acrylic and PC, optical lens, glasses,
and automobile lamps.
also offer shitt knobs, sun visor.

Contour Optik Inc.

optical products including various kinds of glasses.

Blue Sky Tech Co., Ltd.

electronics, optical equipments & machinery- laser inscribes 3-D images in glasses/ crystals, CO2 marking/ cutting systems, laser trainer systems, laser models, scanners, CO2 power supply, A/O & E/O Q-switches, 3D glasses, polyether hot wire cutting systems, second hand lasers.

CT Readscope Ind. Corp.

(1) computer& TV magnifier screen filters.
(2) optical, car interior decorations & accessories including rear window lens, magnifying
glasses& sheets( magnifizers).

Ialin Optical Mfg Co., Ltd.

optical porducts including sunglasses, reading glasses...

Rayman Speco Co., Ltd.

optical equipments including sunglasses, reading glasses, sports
glasses, optical frames& spectacles sunglasses.


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