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TC&C Electronic Co., Ltd.


TC&C Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of (1) cables, HD cable assembly- SATA ( eSATA, SAS, mini SAS, ipass, Infiniband, SFP, HSSDC, Toslink, HDMI, DVI, VGA, 1394, USB, ultra 320 SCSI, VHDCI, SCA, SCA-2, LAN cat5/5e, cat6 cat7, IDE, ATA, laminated, hi speed, DC) cables, flat & round cable assemblies, custom cable assemblies. (2) connectors- SATA connecters, mini SAS ( eSATA, Infiniband, HDMI, SCSI, VHDCI, SCA-2, ATA, RJ45, DVI, 1394, USB 3.0, iPod, micro SD, fan) connectors, box headers, pogo pin test fixtures, memory cards connectors ( SD, SM, micro SD), PCMCIA cards adapters. (2) PCB modules, memory cards, terminators series- smart media cards, memory stick connecters, CF socket straddle mounts, CF header type I/ II connectors, gender changers, SCSI & 50-pin terminators, feed-thru Centronics & LVD/SE 68Pin terminator, mini terminators.

Founded in 1995, TC&C Electronic Co., Ltd. puts fully emphasis on cable assembly and connector, including T SAS cables, HD cable assembly, eSATA/ 1394/ USB/ LAN CAT/ ATA laminated cable, hi-speed cable, DC cable, flat & round cable assembly, wire harness cable, SATA connectors, box header, RJ-45/ D-SUB connectors, micro USB connecters, iPod connectors, pogo pin test fixture, PCB module, fan connector, PCI-e, memory card connector (SD, CF, SM, Micro SD), PCMCIA connecters and so forth. Our goal is to provide the best service and high quality to customers. To achieve this, we dedicate to products improvement and quality control continuously. TC&C has obtained excellent reputation in this field worldwide. With offices and production lines in Taiwan and Mainland China, we are not only offering the most competitive prices, but also in the high quality and the on-time delivery. Welcome to browse our website for further information. If you have any question, please contact us immediately; we will respond ASAP.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Johnson Chen
Telephone: 886-3-4360181
Fax: 886-3-4367771
Address: No.12, Lane 701, Lung Shin RD., Chung Li City, Taoyuan County, 320, Taiwan
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3A COMMTEK is currently based in Towyeng, Northern Taiwan.
We have been designing and manufacturing in
RS-232/V.24 <> RS-485/422 interface converter series (new: 485-IA, 485-SMART+A)
RS-232/V.24 <> Current Loop interface converter series (new:CL-IIA)
RS-232/V.24 <> RS-449 interface converter series
RS-232/V.24 <> V.35 interface converter series
RS-232/V.24 <> X.21 interface converter series
RS-232/422/485/X.21/V.35/449 interface protocol analyzer series

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