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Dadsun Corporation Ltd.


Dadsun Corporation Ltd.

We manufacture of RESPIRATORY THERAPY PRODUCTS, including CPAP nasal mask for obstructive sleep apnea, medium and high concentration oxygen masks, nonrebreathing masks, aerosol masks, corrugated aerosol tubing and oxygen supply tubing, nasal oxygen cannula, hand-held medication nebulizers, nebulizer kits, venturi diluter kits, tracheostomy masks, disposable water trap, disposable humidifier, IPPB circuits, ventilator circuits, disposable aerosol drainage bag, respiratory accessories, and so forth.

Dadsun Corporation Ltd. was established in 1976. The company originally started as a full line manufacturer and distributor of plastic products. Later our company was introduced by Taiwan International Trade Association to meet many international respiratory therapy companies. As a result we transformed to engage in the medical care equipment field, specializing in developing, manufacturing, and distributing high quality respiratory therapy products. Our products are 510k certified and comply with good manufacturing practice of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. In order to sell our products to European countries, we have ISO 13485, EN-441, ISO 14971, EN-980, EN-1041, ISO 15223, ISO 10993-1and CE-93/42/EEC certification, to assure you that our products meet the world's highest standards for quality. Currently, we market products world-wide. We continue to innovate new products with a strong commitment to produce high quality products to meet our customers' requirement. Twenty years ago, our company started with six types of products. Now we offer 150 professional diversified respiratory therapy products.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Henry Chen
Telephone: 886-3-3524143
Fax: 886-3-3129442
Address: No. 12, Chin Hsiu St., Lu Chu Hsiang, Taoyuan 338, Taiwan
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Pei Li Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd.

Pei Li is a professional pharmaceutical contract manufacturer & cGMP contract manufacturing company. We supply not only over 90 different types of medication in tablets, capsule, suppository, ointment, and granule forms, but also strive to a strict quality control for all our pharmaceutical products.


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