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Jinn Yah Metals Co., Ltd.


Jinn Yah Metals Co., Ltd.

A leading manufacturer of wheel covers, CCD LED clocks, vents & reading lamps, room lights, tail lamps, head lamps, marker lamps, switches, connectors, breaker arms, seat fabrics, rearview mirrors, grab handles & paddle handles, ashtray & magazine nets, supports, hardwares & hinges, mirror arms, sun-visors & roller blinds, roof hatches, ventilators, ornamentations, seats & lavatory, ceiling lightings, luggage racks, transport floor coverings, metal and plastic parts, electrical appliances, electric fans, iron, teakettles, OEM and ODM parts & accessories for buses and coaches, and the like. We also provide precision mold design & manufacturing.

Jinn Yah Metals Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer in metal and plastic parts for over 40 years. Also, we produced electrical appliances like electric fans, iron, teakettle...etc. besides, we have produced parts & accessories for buses and coaches such as wheel cover, CCD LED clock, vents & reading lamps, room light, tail lamps, head lamps, marker lamps, switches, seat fabric… since 1967. Our products are used in major bus & coach assembly plants over 80% in Taiwan. With the good quality and excellent designing capability, Jinn Yah has been dedicating its efforts to diversify parts & accessories for vehicles and extended to electronic products. At present, Jinn Yah is a modern company employing 60 peoples in Tainan plant with covered working area of more than 5,700 M². To provide customers the fastest service is our goal, we have adhered to it since founded. The company is in possession of every sound QC system. Moreover, we recognize it is our responsibility to do the best and be a contributor to the good for the peoples.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Jack Chen
Telephone: 886-6-2532828
Fax: 886-6-2534343
Address: No. 90, Cheng Pei I Rd., Yung Kang City, Tainan County 710, Taiwan
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