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Renwei Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Renwei Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of packaging forming products, include vacuum forming products, professional packaging design, electronic & automotive & motorcycle parts, stationery, toys, sports equipments, PVC & PET & PS & PP boxes, trays, barrels, etc. Accepts mold design and sampling for customers’ requirements. OEM orders are accepted.

Renwei Enterprise Co., Ltd. specializes in vacuum forming, including forming packaging, professional packaging design, electronics, automotive and motorcycle parts, stationery, toys, food, hardware, decoration, cosmetics, sports equipments, PVC/PET/PS/PP boxes, barrels, hand-made box design and also accepts mold design and sampling for customers. Our management concepts are to produce high quality products, innovation and services for various packaging to enhance the value of products, we always learn and review ourselves and keep the ability first, service best and QC system strict. Renwei is equipped with new fully automatic forming machines, automatic hydraulic cutting machines and first-class working environments. Domestic and foreign distributors, foreign traders and buying agents are welcome to cooperate with us for developing markets together.
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Country: Taiwan
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