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Hao Thing Electricity Machinery Co., Ltd.


Hao Thing Electricity Machinery Co., Ltd.

(1) Shock Absorber (Suspension): Spot Welding Machine ( equipments), Butt Welding Machines, Aluminum Welding Machines, Projection Welding Machine, Condenser Type Projection Welding Machine, Seam Welding Machine, Muffler Seamers, Machines Seaming Silencers, Automatic Welding Seamers, NC Welding Machinery, Capping Machine (Sealing Machine), Automatic Punching Machine, Hydraulic Adjusting Machine, Leaking tester, Transistor H.F. Hardening Machine, Automatic Robotic CO2 Welding Machine, Nitrogen Aerator and so on.
(2) Muffler (Exhaust System): Twin-Level Roll Welding and Forming Machine, Car Exhaust & Muffler MFG Machineries, Lock Seaming Machine, Flange Forming Machine, Rod Separator Inserting Machine, Double Capping Machine, CO2 Welding Machine and Catalyst Converter Forming Machine and so on.
(3) Fuel Tank (Oil Tank): Spot Welding Machine, 3 Phase DC Projection Welding Machine, NC Seam Welding Machine, Leaking Tester and so on.
(4) Brake Shoe and Transmission: Automatic Seam Welding Machine, Brake Shoe Trimming Machine, Brake Pan Riveting Machine, Modulating Machine, Anti-Dust Cover Welding Machine, Piston Rod Forging Machine, Universal Connecting Rod Welding Machine and so forth.
(5) Motor, Compressor: Rotor Spot Welding Machine, Rotor & Shaft Heat-Fusion Machine, Rotor Powder Coating Machine, Stator & Shell Induction Heating Assembly Machine, etc.
(6) Motorcycle Rim: Shearing Welder, Rim Forming Machine, Aluminum Spot Welders, Metal Welders, Rim Production Line Machinery, Twin Head Seam Welding Machine, Flash-Butt Welding Machine, Correcting Machine, Circle Trimming Machine, NC Punching Machine, Automatic 3-Surface Rim Polishing Machine and so on.
(7) Rim for Scooter, ATV and Sedan: Printing Label Cutting Machine, Circle Trimming Machine, Dregs Shaving Machine, Flash-Butt Welding Machine, 3R Forming Machine, Rim Flange Forming Machine, NC Spot Welding Machine, Correcting Machine, etc.
(8) Steel, Hardware, Screws and Nuts: Medium Frequency Induction Forging Machine, Medium Frequency Induction Hardening Machine, Resistance Heating Machine, Resistance Heating Machinery, Automatic Punching Machines, Induction heating machinery, NC Hardening Machines, Polishing Machines, Double Housing Shearing Welder and so forth.

Hao Thing is a technically driven welding equipment company. We manufacture a wide range of quality welding equipment and supply including induction heating machine, rim machine, seam welding machinery, fuel tank mfg machinery, brake shoe mfg machinery, flash-butt welding equipment, and more. By adhering to our corporate philosophies of innovative products, good quality, and on-time delivery, we have earned the affirmative appreciation from our customers such as Nissan, Toyota, GM, Mitsubishi, Honda, Yamaha, Toshiba, Hitachi...etc. In order to be a leading and outstanding welding equipment manufacturer, we put a lot of efforts in comprehending the changing market trends and come out with innovative products to meet the exacting requirements of our clients. Looking for a reliable cooperator among so many welding equipment supply manufacturers, Hao Thing is absolutely your first choice!
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