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Kye Systems Corp.


Kye Systems Corp.

computer & notebook peripherals & accessory- wired mice ( mouse), ultimate gaming laser mouse, bluetooth mini optical mouse, flying scroll mouse, desktop keyboards, office multimedia keyboard, ergonomic multifunctional keyboard, USB numeric key pads ( keypads), professional digital calculators, wired desktop kits, presenters, remote controller, media pointers, studio headset and headphones, noise-isolation earphone, MP3 hi-fi earphones, clip-on headphones, stylish in-earphones, iPhone headset, wireless pointers, noise-canceling headphones, 3D surround premium headphones, headband headset with microphone, multimedia microphones, single ear clip-on VoIP headset, 2.0/ 2.1/ 5.1 CH speakers, wood surround speaker systems, portable USB digital speakers, digital cameras (DC), digital video camera (DV), camcorders, webcam ( web cam), ip network camera, gaming accessories, gaming pads for PS2 ( PlayStation 2) & PC, PC game controllers, joysticks, racing wheel, digital picture frames, photo keychains, media players, graphic tablets, USB card reader/writer, USB hubs, sound cards, PCI acceleration card, digital note, NB cooler stands, laptop cooling fans.

Our business model, the conglomeration of OBM and OEM is run very effectively, which not only created unprecedented sales revenue growth for five continuous years for KYE but also created tremendous profit to our customers and shareholders. KYE expects to continually grow in the coming future. Competition is everywhere in the IT industry. To cope with this challenge, KYE will keep enhancing its core technology not only in Pointing Devices, Digital Imaging and Gaming products for PC, but also developing more accessories and components for mobile phones. Nowaday, we have wireless laser mouses, keyboards, speakers, presenters, remote controller, audio headset & headphones, digital cameras (DC), digital video camera(DV), webcam, ip network cameras, gaming accessories, digital photo frames, graphic tablets, USB hubs & readers, digital notes, NB cooler stands and so on. KYE has envisioned this trend, and will “Create Infinite Value with a Magic Touch”. We believe this can be accomplished through the Magic Touch of KYE products, which can bring convenience, efficiency, and entertainment to all of us. We expect this trend will enable us to reach double-digit sales growth in the next ten years. To envision and to fulfill our goal of creating an agile wireless world, KYE has dedicated its major resource in core wireless technology to design and innovate a totally free environment of personal interface products. Since the boundary between IT industry and consumer electronic field is not as clear as before, our target market is not only in the IT field but also in the mobile phone segment. Therefore, KYE stipulates “Create a Totally Free Enjoyment & Environment” as its mission. Based on this mission, KYE has numerous product and marketing plans this year so you will see many new innovative products (wireless input device, digital camera, home theater, .etc). We expect these new products will bring more fun to the user, so all of us can benefit from it. As we establish a worldwide service network, all of us at KYE want to keep improving the communication between us. As a value-added partner, keep you ideas coming in so we can continue to create innovative products.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Shr Kuen Juo
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