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ABBA Tape Technology Corp.


ABBA Tape Technology Corp.

packing ( packaging) materials, special packaging & industrial tapes ( tape) supply ( supplies)- (1) application tapes and films- clear PECP ( OPP) application tapes, application film with liner. (2) laminating- cold laminate ( lamination, laminating, laminated) films, over-laminating, matte/ luminous OPP laminating tapes, holographic tapes, screen OPP laminating tapes, noiseless laminating films. (3) electronic tapes- low sticky YVN song Zhuan Zhe films, electric conductance no base material tapes, PET shipping transfer tapes, backlight module protection films, EMI aluminum foil electric conductance tapes. (4) protective ( protection) films and tapes - transparent/ limpid protection, liner film protection films, white protection film PE, white protection film PE. (5) cold lamination films- non body paper Leng Piaomo tapes, photograph membranes. (6) cleaning tapes- electro cleaning tapes ( PE, PEPA). (7) double sided tapes- double coated foam tapes, automobile/ stationery sponges. (8) sign cutter plotters and masking tapes. (9) color ink jet papers- PVC printing crystal films. (10) liquid adhesive- water base, non-dry adhesive resin. (11) lamination machines- double sided protection lamination machinery, cold laminating machineries, photo protection film machines. (12) gaff and adhesive- protection tapes, battery life extension films. (13) stick bulletin boards, hand towels. (14) elector cleaning tapes, adhesives tapes, BOPP packing tapes, copper foil tapes, cover tapes/ duct tapes, electrical insulation ( insulating) tapes, label/ office tapes, OPP adhesive tapes, acrylic/ PE foam tapes, polyethylene tapes, pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, PVC/ rubber tapes, sensitive adhesive tapes, sealing/ stretching tapes. (15) OPP/ PVC/ PET/ BOPP/ CPP/ PE films, window films, plastic films, polyester/ crystal films, photo protection films, anti fog films, auto tapes and films, reflecting/ shielding adhesive tapes, paper bags handles, computer printing lasers, waterproof photo papers, art designing instant tapes, adhesive coatings, custom products.

ABBA Tape Technology Corp. is established in 1976. From research and development -production-manufacturing-marketing, each department is responsible by professional team to support the globe requirement. We have complete automated equipment and clean and neat working environment. The operation is streamlined, the production begins from resin and liquid adhesive formulation and material feeding, coating, add adhesives, glue together, cutting, separate into strips, and packaging etc. The complete operation is carried out by professionals with skillful techniques and precision operated equipment. It covers back light module protection film, cleaning tape, EMI electric conductance tape, single and double side special adhesive tape, transfer tape, glossy tape, foggy glossy tape, foam adhesive tape, protection film, PET, LDPE, BOPP, PVC, cold back film, electronic industrial use adhesive tape, Meilei, heat resistance adhesive tape, protection film peeling adhesive tape, static electric film, separate form paper, and separate form film. In 1981, it innovated the advertisement sign and computer word cutting Yi Mei He Dah ready paste adhesive film, and V6 good transfer film, to replace acrylic color plate. In 1985, it developed the first domestic word cutting machine. It is marketed in Taiwan, China and South East Asia under the brand name, Creation technology. This enables fast and pretty advertisement sign production and installation. V6 re-transferable bulletin board, ink jet consumable materials, water proof glossy photo paper, pearl glossy paper, and all types industrial and office use double side adhesive tapes products have been used and received good evaluation by all international companies.
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Country: Taiwan
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