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Ningbo Golma-Cool Corporation Limited


Ningbo Golma-Cool Corporation Limited

air conditioning accessory ( accessories), parts & units, refrigeration equipment and washing machine spare parts- refrigerants, refrigerant, thermostats, compressors, compressor, electric motors, electric motor, relay, relays, defrosts & icemakers, washing machine timers, electric motors, frame fan motors, relays & hard stars, capacitors & contactors, refrigerator freezers condenses, water fountain silk tube condensers, heaters, filters & drivers, vacuum pumps, copper tubes & fittings, manifold & gauges & quick couplers, valves, washing machine spare parts, pressure switches, detectors, relay protectors, push on relays, reversing, solenoid, refrigeration valve refrigerator condensers water inlet valve water dispenser faucets, washing machine spare parts & accessory ( accessories)- washing machine gear box, p shaft, pulley and leather cups.

Manufacturer & exporter of electronic, electrical parts & components supply, including refrigerants, compressors, electric motors, relays, copper tubes & fittings, brazing accessory, hoses & valves, vacuum pumps, etc.
Categories:   Car Refrigeration Parts   AC Condensers   Frame Pumps   Copper Fittings   Copper Fitting Manufacturers   Air Conditioning Accessory   Air Conditioning Filter   Air Conditioning Parts   Refrigerant Manufacturers   Refrigeration Manufacturers   Defrost Timers   Air Conditioning Units   Vacuum Gauges   Vacuum Pump Filters   Pressure Switch   Time Switch   Contactor Manufacturers   Relay Manufacturers   Push Pull Solenoids   Relay Boxes   Thermostat Manufacturers   AC Contactors   AC Capacitors   Motor Drivers   Switch Boxes   Vacuum Fittings   Air Solenoid Valves   Solenoid Valves   Electric Water Valves   Compressor Parts   Quick Couplers   Fan Filters   Vacuum Pump Filter   Gear Shafs   Air Compressor Pumps   Gear Pumps   AC Fan Motors   Electric Fan Motors   Motor Protectors   Drinking Water Fountain   Air Inlets   Washing Machine Parts   Drive Shafts
Country: China
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Xiamen Great-East Electronic Co., Ltd.

auto bulbs, danfoss type thermostats, ranco type thermostats, f/2000, a/2000, fan motors, oven motors, defrost timers, Freon gas, square relays, door seals for refrigerator, charge valves, filter driers, selective switches, flaring tools, tube cutters, remote controls, CRT sockets, switches for TV, tuners, transistors, IC, ceramic resonators, mechanism, capacitors, car speakers, tweeters, car alarm systems, car central door lock systems, oil seals.

Anly Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic components & parts- (1) timers- analogue timers, digital timers, star delta timers, for rev timers, flicker timers, defrost timers, off delay timers, solid state timers, touch relays, motion detectors, programmable timers, digital & IC timers, multi range timers. (2) counters- ask preset counters, ACK twin counters. (3) controllers- latch relays, exchange relays, voltage relays, current relays, controller units, flicker relays, phase reversal relays, voltage monitor relays. (4) AHC & AHL series r...

Ningbo Golna Parts Co., Ltd.

home appliance components & parts- (1) automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, vehicles) components, auto parts, auto part- air conditioner spare parts, thermostats. (2) refrigerator spare parts- compressors, fan motors, guard grids, metal rings, fan motors, defrost timers, bi metal ( defrost thermostat), thermal fuses, defrost heaters, frame & wire heaters, overload protectors, relays, thermostats, fan blowers & blades, bulb holders, door switches, starting capacitors, condensers, evaporators, refrigera...

Cannex Corperation Ltd.

(1) metallized polyster film capacitor for AC use
(2) LED display 4 digital( up/ down) counter, controller units,
air condition controller, socket& accessories, power on delay timer, power off delay timer,
flicker timer, defrost timer.

Tadom Do Industrial Co., Ltd.

electronic/ electrical products including electrical appliances, parts&
componenets, compressors, microwave oven electric timers, drain hoses,
frostmal timers, drier filters, electric program controllers, defrosting
solenoid valves, etc.

Freecom Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electrical appliances, portable air conditioners, air conditioning, portable air conditioner with remote controls, moveable air conditioning, room and home air conditioner unit, mobile split air conditioners, mini split air conditioners, air conditioner supply, dehumidifiers.

Chu Hung Oil Seal Ind. Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of oil seals, wiper seal, Teflon seal, axle seals, power steering seals, nylon seal, PU seal, shock absorber seals, wash machine seal, oil bonded seals (washer seals), valve stem seals, o ring, piston seals, hydraulic seals & packing rubber parts, oil seal contract manufacturing, unitized seals, special type oil seal (for cars motor and industrial), rotary shaft seals, gamma seals, X & V rings, PTFE seals, pinion seals, transmission seals, air conditioning seals, crankshaft seals, paper mill se...

Lan Chang Electric Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of various air conditioner and controller motors- brushless DC motor, indoor unit fan motors, window-type motors ( indoor/ outdoor), outdoor unit fan motors, fan coil motor, AC to DC controller, AC resin mold motor, air-cooled type frozen water host fan motor, BLDC motors, and so forth.


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