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Aerovantage Controls.


Aerovantage Controls.

industrial supplies- (1) 2 way relief valves, 4 way valves, DC & AC solenoid valves, brass forging body needle valves, stainless steel balls valves, hydraulic system cartridge relief valves, truck trailer hydraulic system check valves, aircraft pneumatic system drain valves, water drain valves, truck brake system control valves, engine valves, nozzles valve, check valves, 2way relief valves, brass forging body needle valves & valve parts, hydraulic solenoid valves, pressure control valves, actuated valves, valve actuators, sanitary valves, pneumatic valve, air solenoid valves, gate valves, bicycle tire valves, electric motors, tire valves, fire hose valves, compression fitting valves, bellows valves, butterfly valves, blow off valves, electric water valves, industrial valves, directional valves. (2) regulators- vehicle coolant flow regulators, fuel system flow regulator, pneumatic system pressure regulators, (3) pneumatics, hydraulic cylinders, corrosion resistant & hydraulic system quick disconnect couplings. (4) fluid powered systems, PTFE parts, PTFE pipes & fittings, stems, investment castings. (5) hand tools. (6) safety caps.

Manufacturer of fluid powered components such as valve, cylinder and hydraulic for automobile, military, aerospace and industrial applications. The military and aerospace quality systems conform to the government documents MIL-I-45208 (Inspection System Requirements), MIL-Q-9858 (Quality Program Requirements) and MIL-STD-45662 (Calibration Requirements). And all industrial components are designed as per the ANSI and ASME codes to meet the stringent design criteria and environment specification.
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Country: Taiwan
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