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Omen Industrial Co., Ltd.


Omen Industrial Co., Ltd.

industrial valve & pipe fittings, PVC fitting- (1) PVC valves- ball & foot valves, spring check & butterfly valves, unions, compression couplings, TS flanges, reducing tees, faucet sprayers & faucets, PVC elbows, floor drains, PPR & single union ball valves, true union ball valves, double unions, gate & stop valves, plastic & industrial valves, brass valves, plumbing fittings, tank connectors. (2) sprinklers- impulse, plastic & metal, garden sprinklers, , lawn, water, sprinkler heads, sprinkler systems, hose fittings, connectors. (3) hand tools ( handtools, hand-tools)- plastic spray guns & sets, pistols, zinc alloy ( zinc-alloy) nozzles, quick connectors, spray wands & nozzles, hose & water nozzle, pistols, sprayers. (4) ceramic & glass fibers ( glassfiber), carbon & asbestos fibers, gasket sheets, non asbestos ( nonasbestos) sheets, graphite sheets & tapes, stainless steel strips, PTFE tapes, electrical ( electric) insulation materials, gland braided packings, PTFE sheets & rods, laminated sheets, fiberglass ( fiber) clothes, asbestos fiber fabrics, ring joint gaskets, expanded PTFE sealant joints, ceramic fiber blankets, fiber textiles.

Through our new service and teamwork, we will provide the finest quality products at competitive prices, while offering R&D and OEM to continue to keep our clients ahead of the competition. We hope to receive your detailed inquiry soon, and are looking forward to having the chance of cooperating with you in the near future.
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Country: China
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Daxin Technolog Co,Ltd.

(1) boiler- once through/ fire tube/ hot water boiler, thermal oil heaters.(2) heater- air heating systems.(3) burner- gas/ heavy oil/ diesel oil burners.(4) hardware- pipe, welding, control valve, flange, pump, flexible tubes/ tubing, flexible metal tubing, flexible stainless steel tubing.(5) tank- daily working oil tanks.(6) water- boiler compound, dosing systems.(7) electric- temp/ pressure/ time control.(8) thermal- thermal safety/ stop/ three way control valves.(9) steam- trap.(10) insulation.

Daan-Shenn Industrial Co., Ltd.

zinc bathroom hardware, plumbing- kitchenware, bathroom accessory, lavatory center faucets, center bars, single handle faucets, classic faucets, decorative faucets, kitchen deck faucets, wall mounted ( mount) faucet, tub & shower diverters, duo basket strainers, valves, plastic elevated ballcocks, flush valves, stop cocks, shower valves, sink taps, basin faucets, wall faucets, C.P. zinc handles, plastic handles, cold & hot water cocks, bath tubes, waste overflow.

Wen Sheng Fu Co., Ltd.

plumbing hardware- (1) 1/4 turn ball valves, need valves. (2) angle valves & toilet water supply kits- brass angle valves, straight valves, angle stops, dual outlets, straight stop valves. (3) ice maker saddle valves, O.D. comps, diver valve swivels, brass fittings, drinking faucets, ceramic stems. (4) bathroom hardware- shower nozzles, shower arms, shower heads. (5) washing machine valves, turn ball valves.

Foshan Lanshi Yuhang Stainless Steel Tube & Pipe Co., Ltd.

stainless steel tubing, stainless steel mating pipes, decoration pipes, stainless steel cold rolled strips, expansion joints.

Huei Cherng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

we provide electronic products, components & parts supply- shaped wires, shaped bars, square bars & wires, hexagonal bars & wires, shaped strips, profile wires, bars & strips, Y shaped brass wires, copper alloy wires, metal zippers, flat wires.

Encore Enterprise Co., Ltd.

(1) materials- cold rolled stainless steel sheets, hot rolled stainless steel sheets, stainless steel strips, stainless 3 ply clad steel and other special steel, all can be used in making various knives and cutlery. (2) hardware- OCM brand roller chain and parts. (3) magic markers, etching markers.

Zhejiang Qiansheng Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of hot rolled steel coils, H beams, I beams, galvanized steel plate, galvanized steel coils, wire rods, cold rolled steel plate, cold rolled steel plate coils, deformed bars, steel strips, steel billets, strip coils, hing speed wires, hot rolled low carbon steel wire rods, twist free control rolled & cooled wire coils, medium high carbon steel coils, hot rolled steel wire rods, hot rolled & ribbed steel bars, corbon ribbed steel bars, carbon structural steel round bars, defromed bars, quailitat

Kai Gee Steel Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of cold rolled steel sheet, carbon tool steel, chrome molybdenum steel, spring steel, alloy tool sheet, stainless steel strips, steel heat treatments, metal sheets, thermal treatment steels, chrome molybdenum steel.

Yeou Chyr Co., Ltd.

(1) structural steel series- coating light weight welded H-beams ( H beams), structural steels, section steels, building construction materials, metal building materials, steel ( metal) building products, wide flange beams. (2) grating series- galvanized grating, stainless grating, plain & serrated style gratings, press locked grating, flat bar gratings, steel bar gratings, expanded metal gratings, hot dip galvanized gratings. (3) steel pipe series- galvanized steel pipes, super-thick steel pipes, galvanize

Lien Chyal Metal Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of conveyor bearings centers, conveying shafts, conveyor bearings, precision ball bearings, ball bearing slides, ball linear slide, linear motion guides, needle bearings, adapter sleeves, linear guideways, bearing assembly, bearing components, bearing cones, pipe shafts, steel bar shafts, precise shafts, shaft couplings, metal bars, linear bearing, bearing holders, linear tracks, ball spiral shafts, precise grinding bar, sliding steel bars, shaft supporters, linear tracks, tiny steel bars, prec


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