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Op Mount Co., Ltd.


Op Mount Co., Ltd.

optical equipments- (1) mounts- optical & lens mounts, mirror mount, mirror mounts, beam splitter mounts, optical prism & mounts, micro rotary stages, optical adapters, precision sight mounts, linear polarizers, adjustable radius chucks, beam steering sets, filter holders, adjustable lens holder, plate & filter holders, diaphragms holders, micro rotation & precision polarizer mounts. (2) optical mechanical components, universal clamps, optical beams, base plate, optical micrometers instruments, micrometers splines, laser & digital micrometers, starrett micrometers, linear positioners, fiber couplers, rods, mounting platform, pinhole lens, spatial filters. (3) optical breadboard, optical breadboards, optical stages, motorized & translation stages, precision rotary stages, rotation prism stage, crossed roller & ball bearing translation stages, tilt stages, crossed roller & needle roller bearings, precision optical rails, angle & vertical brackets, electronic & honeycomb bread boards ( breadboards), breadboard tablse, post stand clamp screws, thread adapters, screw kits, laboratory jacks, threaded aperture models. (4) motion systems, stepper motor controllers, motion control rotary stages. (5) optical tables, aluminum ( aluminium) honeycomb panels, vibration isolator tables. (6) educations systems- geometric optics, thin lens imaging, polarization controls, Gaussian beam, optics and electro optical modulation. (7) diode pumped solid state green & IR laser modules, hene lasers, dive green laser pointer, optical fiber fault locators, diode pumped solid state lasers, IR sensor cards, nonlinear crystal, beam splitters, plarizing optics, precision round mirrors, precision square and rectangular mirrors, precision elliptical mirrors, measuring instrument shelf ( shelves), laser measurements. (8) optical instruments, optical instrument, mechanical components OEM & ODM, optical spectrum analyzers, optical comparators, optical goods manufacturer, optical sensors, optical lens & parametric oscillators, laser lens, precision optics, motion control systems & design, linear motion system.

Manufacturer of optical mounts, optical stages, optical tables, optical educational systems, optics and lasers supplied worldwide major markets in Japan, U.S.A., Singapore, France, Holland, Hong-Kong. OEM and ODM designs are welcome.
Categories:   Steering Systems   Vibration Plates   POS System Manufacturer   Fiber Optic Couplers   Laser Diodes   Fiber Optic Coupler   SCR Controllers   Fiber Optic Adapters   Universal Adapters   Measurement Instruments   Measuring Instruments   Laser Diode Manufacturers   Motion Controllers   Optical Fault Locator   Crystal Filters   Oscillators   Laser Modules   Linear Modules   Vertical Components   Round Tables   Shelf Bracket Manufacturers   Laser Pointer Manufacturers   Mirror Balls   Mirror Ball   Angle Brackets   Shelf Brackets   Ball Screws   Square Aluminum   Ball Bearing Translation Stage   Linear Ball Bearing   Precision Ball Bearings   Roller Ball Bearing   Bearing Needle Rollers   Linear Motion Bearings   Needle Bearings   Pecision Bearing   IR Controllers   Threaded Screws   Diaphragm Pumps   Beam Supplier   H Beam Supplier   Needle Roller   Fiber Optic Splitters   Bearing Linears   Rotary Pumps   Stepper Motors   Laser Sight   Laser Optics   Mirror Mounts   Optical Breadboards   Optical Instrument   Optical Mounts   Optical Tables   Translation Stages   Laser Optic   Optical Filter   Optics Mount, Optical Mount   Laser Sights   Linear Stages   Precision Filters   Fiber Optic Equipments   Electronic Measurement Instruments   Measuring Equipments   Diaphragm Pump Manufacturers   Model Car Manufacturers
Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Yung Kuci Lu
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