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Glory Formosa Co., Ltd. & Excell Products Inc.


Glory Formosa Co., Ltd. & Excell Products Inc.

tape dispensers & office & industrial adhesive tapes, packaging ( package) & invisible tapes, label & stretch film dispensers, carton reducers & sealers, mailing supplies, office products & busines stationery, school supply & items, shipping tape dispensers, better dispenser pack tapes, cat tape dispensers, blade dispenser tapes, guns, grip gun hand tapes, gun shot tapes, wide tape guns, dispenser hand held tapes, packing & shipping tools, gift stationery, plastic bag sealers, cutter & poly bag sealers, stretch & shrink wrappers, pallet stretch wrapper, safety box cutters, box cutter knife, utility knife, knife retractable & retracting self utility, pocket & case knifes, taping tools, plastic handles, clear packaging tapes, box clear & brown tapes, dispenser label rolls, label dispenser, bundling & automatic tape dispensers, tape manufacturers, masking tape dispensers.

Manufacturer of tape, hand held tape dispensers, desk top tape dispensers, stretch film dispensers and carton reducers.
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Country: Taiwan
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Dailyline Corp.

office supplies including packaging tapes guns, clear carton sealing tapes, UL electrical
tapes, OPP print warning tapes, reinforcement woven tapes, double side tapes, desktop
tape dispensers...

Crystal Plus Co., Ltd.

stationery- adhesives, emulsion- based acrylic adhesive, carton& box
sealing/ packing tapes, double sides/ laser/ self adhesive tapes,
invisible/ crystal clear/ electrical tapes, tape dispensers.

Wab Industrial Co., Ltd.

OA products including office supplies, furniture, office chairs, stationeries(
pencil/ pen holders, pencil sharpeners, tape dispensers, file clips,
ornaments, etc.

Glory Formosa Co., Ltd.

various gifts packing& wrapping products- super clear tapes, invisible
tapes, stationery tapes, clear tapes, invisible stationery carton
sealing tape, carton sealing tapes& sealers, hand held/ desktop
dispensers, metal label/ stretch film/ pouch tape& label protection
tape dispensers, tape/ logo printers, carton reducers, utility knives.

Iwate International Developing Co., Ltd.

hand tools ( handtools) & air ( power) tools- (1) precision screw feeders, air screw drivers, electrical screw drivers, desktop ( fastening) robots, AC servo screw drivers. (2) accessory ( accessories)- torque testers, spring separators, electrical tape dispensers, tape cutters, tensile testers.

Upace Co., Ltd.

transparent tape dispensers, auto tpae cutters, easy packers, drill/ driver sets, ultrasonic dog/
cat/ rats pest repellers, repair& connect all kinds of architectures etc..

Interlink Enterprise Co., Ltd.

office supplies& stationery including desk organizers, desk cups,
paper clips, thumb tacks, binder clips, push pins, file holers,
stationery sets, tape dispensers.

Jazzy Dealer International Corp.

printing equipment& accessories including steel/ polyester doctor blades, anilox rolls,
anilox roll/ plate sleeves, adhesive tapes, air cylinders, grinding stones, copper scraps,
hardness additives, anilox rolls cleaners, dry power cleaning systems, plate mounters&
proofers( proofing machine), print mounting tables, cylinder proofers& checker, inks
mixers& dispensers...

Yang Bey Industrial Co., Ltd.

packing/ packaging tool- strapping dispensers, tensioners( for plastic strapping),
seals, buckles and strap cutters, heavy duty steel strap cutters( hand tools),
hand tensioner& cutter( for plastic strapping used),
lightweight tensioner( for polypropylene& polyester strapping),
steel strapping sealer, double notcher,
plastic& metal buckles for 1/2" width strapping,
bag sealer, stretch wrapping system and tape dispensers.

Huashun Science Labor Trade Co., Ltd.

chemical anchors, point wall pieces, glue guns, saws, plastic walls, ever sherardised, stents, stair steps with anti-skid, steel cotton, sponge tapes.


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