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Maeden International Co., Ltd.


Maeden International Co., Ltd.

Cadmium- free copper, copper alloy tinsel wires, conductors, medical wires—microphone wires, wire manufacturers, Wire Cable Manufacturers, ECG & EKG lead wires, flat ribbon wires and cables, fine tinsels, litz wire & magnet wires can be used for blue-tooth, cellular phone, hearing aid use, custom cable assembly, specialty strength member textiles, surface treatments, plating, insulation. Speaker and automotive speaker, high- powered speakers, lead wires and parts, cones, spiders, diaphragms, ferrites, rubber boots, terminals, cross over, speaker parts, mini-coaxial, earphone cord.

Maeden International Ltd. is the world's finest quality manufacturer and designer of tinsel wire for the speaker, automotive, and medical industries. We specialize in custom-made, high-performance capabilities and have earned an excellent reputation for our supreme grade quality, services, and solutions. Over the past 25 years, Maeden International has built an established reputation of superior quality. With rigorous testing processes and tight quality control, we pride ourselves on providing products that have been tested grades higher than industry standards. We currently manufacture more than 200 types of conductors, tinsel wires, and cables with various materials and constructions. Our products have been rigorously tested to tolerate the most stressful conditions and real-world abuses. Maeden wires feature the highest flex-life, and strongest non-fraying characteristics amongst current suppliers in the world. Maeden International runs its factory facilities 24 hours a day producing 88,000 lbs. of copper wire/tinsel wire monthly. Our automatic cutting and soldering machines supply consistent and precise pre-cut lengths, as well as tinning, and insulation requests for specifications that ease assembly and prevent cut losses. We retain technical contracts with Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute as well as prestigious academic institutions to provide us the latest technology and material for conductors, textiles, and machinery. We are ISO: 9001/14001certified and have been a 100% green factory since 2005. All materials in Maeden lead wire production are now 100% GREEN MATERIALS compliant with European Union guidelines of RoHS (2002/95/EC).
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Country: Taiwan
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