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Altair Optical Technology Co., Ltd.


Altair Optical Technology Co., Ltd.

optical component, glass lens- (1) LCD & LCOS projector optical components- color filters, grandient coating dichroic mirrors, x-cube, anti-reflection lens coating, UV ( ultraviolet) & cut filters, spherical lens. (2) traditional & digital camera optical components- cover glass, reflector, lensmask, optical lens coating, flash window, plastic lens. (3) view finder module- view finder window, IR ( infrared) filters, lens mask, half-reflector. (4) cell phone module set & optical components- VGA, CIF, cover glass, IR ( infrared) cut filters. (5) astronomical telescopes- UV ( ultraviolet) & IR ( infrared) cut filters, spherical lens. (6) others injection optical components- mirrors for barcode reader, connector for fiber communication, spherical lens.
(7) anti-reflector, beam splitters, blue filters, color filters, cold mirrors, dichroic mirrors, high-reflectance mirrors, IR filters, IR cutoff filters, IR pass filters, laser lenses, low pass filters, UV filters, UV cut filters, UV / IR cutoff filters, prism, plastic lens, telescope lens, x-cube, CIF lens module, camera glass, cover glass, view finder module.

Manufacturer of various glass lens, Manufacturer of various glass lens and spherical plastic lens. The main products include glass and plastic optical lenses components proper to projector, digital & traditional camera, PC camera, cell phone optical module sets & components, CCTV, barcode reader, etc. The company built a DSC's ERP procedures integrating software system and acquired ISO 9001.
Categories:   Camera Module   Camera Modules   LCD Projectors   Barcode Reader   Fiber Optic Connectors   VGA Connectors   Plastic Optical Fibers   Optical Communication & Optical Fiber Communication   Fiber Optic Splitters   Optical Telescopes   Telescope Manufacturers   Camera Filters   Color Filters   Digital Camera Lenses   UV Filters   View Finders   Optical Coating   Optical Filter   Telescopes
Country: Taiwan
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optical components- (1) objectives- mega-pixel machine vision lenses, IR lenses, CCD Mini lenses, motorized zoom lenses, lens accessories, OEM & ODM lenses. (2) optical filters- machine vision filters, color bandpass filters, longpass / colors filters, infrared pass & visible block filters, medical filter ( for biomedicals analyzer, microplate reader, coafqulation analyzer), beamsplitter plates, laser filter, interference edge filter. (3) diode pumped solid-state (DPSS) lasers, diode laser modules and laser...

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