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Guardtech Electronic Co., Ltd.


Guardtech Electronic Co., Ltd.

security alarm & safety products, surveillance equipment- (1) general cameras, day & night cameras, speed dome cameras, PIR cameras, CCTV cameras, covert cameras. (2) Infrared- passive IR ( infrared) detectors, twin beam IR, PIR detectors. (3) surveillance- digital video recorders, video capture cards, LCD monitors. (4) security dialers, multi zone alarms, transmitters, burglar alarm system, DVR system, home alarm, cctv equipments.

Manufacturer of security products, including general cameras, PIR cameras, CCTV cameras, CCTV equipment, passive IR ( infrared) detectors, LCD monitors, burglar alarm system, etc. The business expands to over 50 countries, covering North and South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa.
Categories:   Video Surveillance Cards   LCD Video Monitors   DVR Cards   Infrared Camera Manufacturers   Digital Video Recorders   Digital Video Recorder Manufacturers   Video Capture Cards   CCTV DVR   Dome Cameras   Mini Dome Surveillance Cameras   Night Vision Cameras   PIR Cameras   Video Surveillance Equip.   Video Security Cameras   Beam Supplier   IR Camera Manufacturer   IR Detectors   Pir Detectors   Video Surveillance Cameras   Burglar Alarm System Manufacturers   Car Alarm Systems   Home Alarms   Home Security Alarms   Infrared Security Camera   Security Alarm Systems   Video Surveillance Systems   Security Camera Systems   Video Security Systems   CCTV Equipments   CCTV Systems
Country: Taiwan
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