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Wu Shi Hi-Tech Mould Ent. Co., Ltd.


Wu Shi Hi-Tech Mould Ent. Co., Ltd.

We provide car parts, auto brake components, auto speaker covers, fuse box, switch parts, third brake lights, socket covers, transmission parts, lighting controllers, electronics parts, reflectors, cups, injection molds, die castings mould, stamping mould and so forth. OEM & ODM orders are welcome.

Wu Shi Hi-Tech Mould Ent. Co., Ltd. provides superior product service in Taiwan. By becoming a trustworthy, fast responsive, and innovative team member for our worldwide customers, we create value and reduce costs. Co-existing with our customers, providing superior engineering design and manufacturing customers’ idea and concept into reality are the goals of our group of companies. With more than 20 members, each member of our group has extensive working history with many customers in Middle East, Europe, and North America. Our product lines are injection mould, die casting mould, stamping mould, etc. The group was shaped to reduce costs and to utilize synergistic effects of global presence as a team. We are extending such benefits to a greater group including our new array of customers by working as a fully crossfunctional team. Our customers have been involved with us in product designing, modification, and market intelligence gathering. Reciprocally, we have provided cost reduction, design betterment, supply sources diversification, and technological innovations to jointly create a superior service and coexisting environment. We are targeting greater market focus, more affordable prices, lower costs and excellent quality. Also, OEM & ODM orders are welcome, mass or small production of injection is also workable.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Chinchang Huang
Telephone: 886-7-6996585
Fax: 886-7-6996810
Address: No. 17, Lane 457, Huzhong Rd., Hunei Shiang, Kaohsiung County 82946, Taiwan
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