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Swechen Cycle Industrial Co., Ltd.


Swechen Cycle Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of (1) bicycles components accessory, complete bikes, bicycle frames, bicycle front forks, bicycle head parts, seat posts, spokes & nipples, bicycle hubs, bicycle wheels, chain wheels & cranks, bicycle freewheels, derailleur gear units, bicycle saddles, bicycle pedals, handle bars stems, brakes, lightings sets, bicycle reflectors, mirrors, bike bells, chain covers, bicycle mudguards, bicycle kickstands, bicycle luggage carriers, water bottles & cages, baskets, bicycle training wheels, pumps, bicycle locks, bicycle computers, bike bags, child seats, bicycle helmets, bicycle flanges. (2) motorcycle parts, ATV, powered scooters, motor cross and antique motorbikes parts and accessories. (3) cars components and accessories.

Swechen Cycle Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1970. Over the last 38 years, we have become one of the largest & famous specialists in bicycle parts, motorcycle parts and auto parts business. We manufacture of complete bicycles, bicycle parts & accessories, motorcycle parts, ATV, motor cross and antique motorcycle parts and accessories, powered scooters part, auto part manufacturer, auto parts and so on. Our company has steadily increased its export markets throughout the world, with internationally famous brand-name O.E.M. makers, importers, wholesalers and department stores among its customers. In order to meet customer requirement, we are no longer exporting from Taiwan only, but over the last few years, we had begun to expand its activities to export from Mainland China as well as South East Asian countries. We believe through the past 38 years, our experience has enabled us to satisfy many customers, and our constant work has led us to remain their best choice in the bicycle, motorcycle and auto parts industry.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mrs. Elaine Chen
Telephone: 886-2-287-51000
Fax: 886-2-287-51009
Address: 1st Fl. No.2, Lane 207, Chung Shan N. Rd., Taipei City 111, Taiwan
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