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Jia Meng Electric Co., Ltd.


Jia Meng Electric Co., Ltd.

1. Air purification equipment.

2. Refrigeration compressed air dryer.

3. Desiccant air dryer.

4. Compressed air filter.

Manufacturer of compressed air purification products, include compressed air dryers, air dryer, air compressor system, compressed air filters, etc. produces over 7000 sets of air dryer per year.
Categories:   Refrigeration Manufacturers   Desiccant Dryers   Compressed Air Filters   Compressed Air Dryers
Country: Taiwan
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Federal World-wide Co., Ltd.,

Manufacturer of industrial equipment and parts, including air grippers, soft absorbers, vacuum pads, speed controllers, photoelectric, light curtain sensors, desktop robots, hibar precision metering and precision metering pumps, fiber optic cables, precision automatic dispensers, static electricity removing units, inspection microscopes, image sensor cameras, pneumatic components, air treatment devices, rotary actuators, fluoro resin equipments, leak & pressure & weight sensors, cylinder joints, quick fitti...

Star Compair Industrial Co., Ltd.

machinery equipments including heatless regenerative desiccant air
dryers, heated regenerative desiccant air dryers, externally heated
blower purge desiccant air dryers, compressed air filters,
auto drains.

Gau Gan Machinery Co., Ltd.

industrial supply ( supplies)- refrigerating compressed air dryers, adsorption compressed air dryers, spiral compressors, return compressors, oil precision filters, compressed air purifying equipments & parts, used ( second hand) compressors.

Chou Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

refrigerating compressed- air dryer,
refrigerated air dryer, high heat refrigerated air dryer,
compressed air-precise filters, and automatic drainer.

Kingmech Co., Ltd.

machinery equipments and parts including freeze drying systems for bio- chemical,
pharmacy, and food preocess, compressed air cleaning systems,
adsorptive dryers, micor filters, water welders.

Hangzhou Kelin Qiyuan Equipment Co.,Ltd.

dryer ( frozen dehydrator, dryers), filter ( filters), effectuve oil water separator, effective degreaser, rear cooling machine ( machines), absorbing drier ( driers), modular low dew point drier ( driers), waste collection bins, air cooling machines, cold water machine ( machine), compressed air dryer ( dryers).

Kingmech Co., Ltd.

the diagram of compressed air cleansing system, water welder,
refrigerated air dryer series, adsorptive dryers, micor filters.

Chou Sheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

standard refrigerating compressed- air dryer machines,
high heat refrigerated air dryer, compressed- air precise filter,
automatic drainer, equipment for purifying compressed air,
air storage tank, air compressors.

Zhuzhou Lince Group Co., Ltd.

compressed air dryer, auxiliary motor, fan blower, oil damper, brake resistance, starting resistor, converter, locomotive braking system, rearview, electropneumatic valve.


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