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Leou Yn Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Leou Yn Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of (1) fogging nozzles- inlay red jewel, stainless steel, and flex anglel type, foging system. (2) micro fog nozzles parts- cover ring, ST sheet, nozzle rotor, anti droplet spring. (3) pumps for fogging- direct fogging pump, compact system. (4) auto controls- 24 hour circulate control, on/ off timer control, measuring air ironcounter. (5) fittings- slip/ OD fittings. (6) HDPE & NYLON tubings- plastic tubing fitting, tubbing cutter, return tubing set. (7) nozzle fittings- flexible nozzle extensions, output filter, tee connector, nozzle plug, end connector, water supplier filter, high/ middle pressure solenoid valve. (8) fitting kits- 1.5L/min exquisite pump, 3.0L/min middle pump, input/ let out solenoid valve.

Leou Yn Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fittings, nozzle, auto control, pump, slip fitting, nozzle fittings, tubing products. Leou Yn Enterprise Co., Ltd. able offer: 1.Focusing on the manufacture of apart micro fog nozzles. 2. Product low speed exquite fogging pump. 3.Manufacture slip lok fitting and OD connector. 4. Offer HDPE pipe and nylon pipe. Welcome to visit our website for more details. If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Ms. Ann Ho
Telephone: 886-6-5713379
Fax: 886-6-5722299
Address: 1F., No.1-3, Minsheng Rd., Madou Township, Tainan County 721, Taiwan
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