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Easy Magent Corp.


Easy Magent Corp.

electronic ( electric, electrical) components & parts- (1) unshielded & shielded power inductors- SD & DRS power inductors, LQ & LQS power inductors, SDRP & SDRD power inductor, SC & ST & BU ( balun transformers) power inductors, radial inductors, power inductor, DIP & ET power inductors, surface mount shielded & chip inductors, low & high current SMT power inductors, low profile inductors, high flux through hole toroidal power inductors, axial & radial power inductors, power magnetic inductors, broadband, wirewound chip inductors, custom coils & pin power inductors, through hole inductors, oils & wire wound & PC inductors, automotive ( vehicle, cars, automobiles) & CDC & CDI inductors, hybrid power inductors, double winding inductors, high current inductors. (2) coils & choke coils- power & wound chokes, line & EMI & RFI filters, common mode choke coil T, DR choke coils, power line & RF chokes, drum core power inductors, universal wound coils, air coils, common mode toroids, high current hash chokes, toroidal chokes, high temperature 50 amp & through hole RF chokes, spring air core inductors, chip common mode & drum ferrite core coils, power transformers, SMD thread core coils, ferrite & chip beads & inductors, power inductor & chokes, through hole RE & power chokes, toroidal inductors, high frequency transformers.

Manufacturer of electronic & electrical components, parts, including shielded & unshielded power inductors, power inductors, choke coils, chip inductors, high current inductors, etc. Obtained ISO 9001, QS9000, TL9000 & TS16949 certifications. OEM orders are welcome.
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Country: Taiwan
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Weikai Technology Co., Ltd.

Our products include (1) capacitors- multilayer ceramic capacitors, chip & general electronic capacitors, mini size & low ESR electronic capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, mini box capacitors, X2 capacitors, tantalum capacitors, MEA (CDI) & MEA & MEC type metallized polyester film capacitors, MEX type metallized film capacitors, CC300 type conduction cooled capacitors, BDP & ADP type metallized polypropylene film capacitors. (2) inductors- SMD & DIP inductors, ferrite chip inductors & beads, EMI com...

Core Master Enterprise Co., Ltd.

NI-ZN & MN-ZN ferrite core, smd power inductor, electrical inductor, toroidal coil, choke coil, multilayer chip inductor & bead, SMD chip bead, surface mount beads, wire wound chip inductor, unshielded & shielded smd power inductors, line filter, common mode filters, transformers, common mode choke coils, chip bead array, iron powder cores, shielded smd power chokes, air & peaking coils.

Dial Tech Science Co., Ltd.

Our main products including (1) electrical transformers- electrical power transformers, electrical potential and high voltage SMD transformers, switching mode, PZT ( Piezo) transformers, power ER type transformers, converter and inverter type transformers, toroidal and switch transformers. (2) inductors- air coil inductors, electrical inductors, toroidal inductors, transformer inductors, wide band chokes, line filters, luminous OSC coils, common mode chokes, linearity and choke coils, co-axial inductors, SM...

Gang Song Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components- surface mounts, multilayer chip inductors, chip beads, wire wound chip inductors, RFID transponder coils, flat top air core, unshielded & shielded power inductors, common mode choke coil, SMD toroidal coil inductors, axial lead fixed inductors, radial choke inductors, THT power inductors, ferrite beads, wide bead chokes, EMI filter, air core inductors.

Queen Core Electronics Inc.

electronic & electrical components- ferrite cores, line filters, SMD chip beads & inductors, EMI ferrite cores, choke coils, soft EMI ferrite core, soft ferrites, NiZn ferrite cores, chip beads arrays, chip & air core inductors, coil bobbins, common mode chokes, electric coils, electronic coils, ferrite beads, ferrite core & electrical inductors, ferrite magnets & materials, fixed & high current inductors, inductor designs, induction coils, iron power cores, multilayer ferrite chip beads, power chokes, prec...

Tang Hill International Ltd.

audio parts & components- air core inductors, power plug, socket, tuning knob, tube socket, fuse, spade, receptacle, chassis case & heatsink.

King Core Electronic Inc.

Manufacturer of EMI chip suppressors, EMI bead cores, SMT chip inductors, common mode chokes, power chokes, dip type coil inductors, ferrite plate core EMI absorber, flat cable core, clamp core for round cables, solid core for round cables, wide band choke, other type of core, and the like.

Bipolar Electrical Co., Ltd.

we provide ferrite cores, power cores, shield beads & toroide core, biund split beads & flat cables, drum & rod cores & antenna, iron powder cores, EE, EF, RM, EPC, SMD power chokes, ferrite inductors, ferrite, ceramic & SMD wound chip inductor, MF & SMD multilayer chip inductor, axial fixed & radial inductor & power choke, SMD ferrite chip bead & SMD multilayer chip bead, EMI shield bead & EMI R6H R11H bead, EMI & ferrite line filters , EMI filter, powder line & ET filters, transformers, magnets, air core ...


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