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Easy Magent Corp.


Easy Magent Corp.

electronic ( electric, electrical) components & parts- (1) unshielded & shielded power inductors- SD & DRS power inductors, LQ & LQS power inductors, SDRP & SDRD power inductor, SC & ST & BU ( balun transformers) power inductors, radial inductors, power inductor, DIP & ET power inductors, surface mount shielded & chip inductors, low & high current SMT power inductors, low profile inductors, high flux through hole toroidal power inductors, axial & radial power inductors, power magnetic inductors, broadband, wirewound chip inductors, custom coils & pin power inductors, through hole inductors, oils & wire wound & PC inductors, automotive ( vehicle, cars, automobiles) & CDC & CDI inductors, hybrid power inductors, double winding inductors, high current inductors. (2) coils & choke coils- power & wound chokes, line & EMI & RFI filters, common mode choke coil T, DR choke coils, power line & RF chokes, drum core power inductors, universal wound coils, air coils, common mode toroids, high current hash chokes, toroidal chokes, high temperature 50 amp & through hole RF chokes, spring air core inductors, chip common mode & drum ferrite core coils, power transformers, SMD thread core coils, ferrite & chip beads & inductors, power inductor & chokes, through hole RE & power chokes, toroidal inductors, high frequency transformers.

Manufacturer of electronic & electrical components, parts, including shielded & unshielded power inductors, power inductors, choke coils, chip inductors, high current inductors, etc. Obtained ISO 9001, QS9000, TL9000 & TS16949 certifications. OEM orders are welcome.
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Country: Taiwan
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Yoketan Corp.

electronic components- (1) crystal quartz- dip type crystal, KHZ cylinder type, SMD 32.768khz crystal, SMD type crystal, SMD type epoxy type, plastic molded SMD crystal, SMD crystal filters, dip crystal oscillator, SMD oscillators. (2) dip ceramic & SMD ceramic resonators, ceramic & ceramic traps, ceramic discriminators. (3) GPS IF & RF saw filters, saw resonators. (4) dielectric parts- dielectric filters & esonators, dielectric patch antennas. (5) unshield power & shield power inductors, chip inductor open

Gang Song Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components- surface mounts, multilayer chip inductors, chip beads, wire wound chip inductors, RFID transponder coils, flat top air core, unshielded & shielded power inductors, common mode choke coil, SMD toroidal coil inductors, axial lead fixed inductors, radial choke inductors, THT power inductors, ferrite beads, wide bead chokes, EMI filter, air core inductors.

Queen Core Electronics Inc.

electronic & electrical components- ferrite cores, line filters, SMD chip beads & inductors, EMI ferrite cores, choke coils, soft EMI ferrite core, soft ferrites, NiZn ferrite cores, chip beads arrays, chip & air core inductors, coil bobbins, common mode chokes, electric coils, electronic coils, ferrite beads, ferrite core & electrical inductors, ferrite magnets & materials, fixed & high current inductors, inductor designs, induction coils, iron power cores, multilayer ferrite chip beads, power chokes, prec

Advanced Ceramic X Corporation

(1) LTCC( low-temp cofired ceramic)- RF modules for wireless communication
chip ceramic inductors, low pass filters( LPF), LTCC modules.
(2) ferrite- multilayer devices for EMI suppression, chip ferrite beads,
chip ferrite beads array, chip ferrite inductors.

Jandko Enterprise Corporation

miniature coils, filters, transformers, inductors, diodes,
radio, TV & stereo sets, molded, tape recorder, radial fixed, SMT, AM RF
tuning, SMT dual-toroidal, antenna, IC design.

Frontier Electronics Co., Ltd.

(1) RF industors: axial/ radial lead inductors, insert molded/ IFT type/ air/ SMD air coils, SMT
ceramic wire wound chips. (2) EMI/ EMC: line filters, common mode chokes, surface mount multi- layer chip
beads, surface mount multi- layer inductors. (3) power magnetics: high current toroids, SMT power/
transformers, linearity coils, power transformers.

King Core Electronic Inc.

Manufacturer of EMI chip suppressors, EMI bead cores, SMT chip inductors, common mode chokes, power chokes, dip type coil inductors, ferrite plate core EMI absorber, flat cable core, clamp core for round cables, solid core for round cables, wide band choke, other type of core, and the like.

G-Ga Company Ltd.

Manufacture of electrical components includes pulse transformers, audio line transformers, toroidal inductors, toroidal chokes, choke coils, air coils, power transformers, inverter transformers, SMD transformers, switching transformers, hf transformers, cable assembly & wire harness, and so forth.

Li Tone Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of power supply including power transformer, telecom transformer, line filter, choke coils, radial choke coils, steel power transformer, SMD inductors, switching mode power supply, switching power AC/DC adaptors, LED lighting, toroidal power transformer, LTE battery monitor systems and coil inductors. Acquired SGS ISO 9001/Q5954 certification.

Cheng Tung Industrial Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronic component products, such as film capacitor, MEF & MPP capacitors, X & Y capacitors, X+Y capacitors, metalized films, class X1 capacitors, 100V capacitors, 47uF capacitors, 250V capacitor, capacitor circuits, power supply capacitors, uF capacitor, farad capacitors, film capacitor, metallized polypropylene film capacitors, high voltage capacitors, AC capacitors, AC DC capacitors, AC motor capacitors, motor starts, metal oxide varistors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors, smd inductor


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