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Getech Electronics Co., Ltd.


Getech Electronics Co., Ltd.

electronic components including rocker/ toggle/ push button/ push wheel/ dip/ mercury
switches, thermostats, breakers, resistors, power thermistors, thermistor sensors,
aluminium housed, metal- clad wirewounds.
Categories:   Rocker Switches Manufacturer   Thermistors   Wire Wound Resistors   Thermostat Manufacturers   DIP Switches
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Tzai Yuan Enterprise Co., Ltd.

electronic components including metal film fixed/ carbon film fixed/ metal oxide film/ chip/
network/ cement type/ wirewound/ power- wirewound/ fusible metal/ jumper wire resistors, jumper
wires, fixed inductors, mn( manganese)- CU wires.

Tai Electronic Co., Ltd.

electronic components including metal( RN)/ carbon( RD)/ metal oxide( RSN)/ thick( RM)/
cement type resistors wirewound & metal oxide( SQ)/ nonflame fusible metal( FRN)/ film
chip resistors, thick film resistor networks (RA), wirewoind resistors( KNP), zero ohm
jumpers( JP), linear positive temerature coefficient resistors( LT).

Thunder Components Ltd.

chip resistor networks, SIP resistor networks, fusible resistors, precision meatl film resistors,
metal oxide film resistors, carbon film resistors, wirewound resistors, weldable resistors, zero ohm jumper
wires etc..


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