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New Favor Industry Co., Ltd.


New Favor Industry Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of permanent magnets, gear motors, core ferrites, EMI filters, automotive & computer accessories, rubber magnet, magnetic tools holders, rare earth magnet, coil, magnetic tools, magnetic components, alnico magnets, magnetic bits, permanent magnet DC motors, DC electric motors, DC motor controllers, ferrite cores, cores, magnetic assemblies, ferrite & bonded magnets.

New Favor Industry Co., Ltd. offers a full line of magnet and ferrite core used in the manufacture of finished goods, industrial products, automotive, computer accessories, security and telecommunications and more. Our magnets and ferrite core are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. New Favor is your knowledgeable associate in the magnet industry for high performance magnets. We are in these magnetic fields for more than fifteen years working with export services worldwide with China manufacturers. Focus on the stable quality production, engineering and fast reliable deliveries. And our commitment is developing new products to meet our customer demands in a dynamic ever-changing marketplace. Feel free to contact us. Our sales personnel will be contacting you promptly for your magnet inquiry with every effort from our heart.
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Country: Taiwan
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