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Eastern Union Co., Ltd.


Eastern Union Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of EUM® thermocouple wires & cables, temperature sensors & probes, thermocouple assembly parts, thermocouple grade wires, compensation wires, non-ferrous metallic alloys, resistors, circuit breakers, spring and magnetic parts, electric heating materials, temperature measurements, control devices, drying equipments, ceramic rollers, spring materials, metallic materials, copper & copper (nickel and nickel) alloys materials, semiconductor materials, thermostatic bimetals, soft magnetic (eyeglasses, electric heating & resistance) materials, silicon carbide heating elements, dark infrared ceramic heaters, refractory materials, ceramic fiber panel heaters, thermocouple insulators, thermocouple protection tubes, resistance bulbs, sheath couples, thermocouple heads, thermocouple compensating lead wires, OEM & ODM products.

Since 1978 established, EUM® thermocouple wire and thermocouple extension wire have been known for premium performance and reliability. All EUM® thermocouple wire is manufactured meeting under ANSI MC 96.1 quality standards. EUM® is helping to meeting these needs by designing and manufacturing top quality thermocouple wire and insulation type to meet our custom specific application demands in industry. Thermocouple grade wire is wire that is used to make the sensing point (or probe part) of the thermocouple and only used to extend a thermocouple signal from a probe back to the instrument reading the signal. Also, thermocouple grade wire can be used as a reliable, inexpensive thermocouple simply by soldering or welding a junction on one end. Thermocouple extension grade is used to economically extend thermocouples to instrumentation in installations where thermocouple grade wire would be prohibitive. High accuracy is nonetheless maintained because these extension wires are constructed of thermocouple materials and insulated for maximum resistance to your application hazards. Standard thermocouple wire constructions can be selected for such special requirements as high abrasion, moisture and chemical resistance. Solid or stranded wires, and twisted and shielded for electrical interference rejection are available. Metal coverings are available for increased resistance to mechanical stress and abrasion. Insulating and jacketing material include PVC, Polyethylene, Kapton®, nylon, FEP, PFA, fiberglass, silica, ceramic fiber, and tinned copper or stainless steel wire overbraids.
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Country: Taiwan
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Contact Person: Mr. Jack Tseng
Telephone: 886-2-27998080
Fax: 886-2-27998833
Address: 8F, EU Bldg., No. 18, Lane 321, Yang-kuang St., Nei-Hu District, Taipei City 114, Taiwan
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