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Medical PC

There are 23 manufacturers in this Medical PC category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Medical PC Manufacturers & Medical PC Suppliers

Elitex Metal Group Mfg., Corp. : Medical PC

We are a professional manufacturer of (1) patient lifts- electric lifters, manual hydraulic lifters. (2) hospital furniture- beds, stretchers, trapezes, shower trolley, mattresses, chair, table, cabinets, bed accessories, examination/ treatment tables, Adult & kid quilt rack, Portable hair washing basins. (3) hospital equipments- examination stools, I.V. stands, hamper stands, step stools, emergency carts, instrument carts, medication trolley, utility trolley, storage rack, baby bed. (4) home care products-...

Geltec Industry Ltd. : Medical PC

Manufacturer of soft materials, include PU gel products, industrial mat, foam products, computer accessories, application of CSAS material, boxing gloves, boxing bag protector, saddle, motorcycle seat cushions, gel cushion, seat cover, foam & lumbar cushion, vibration damper, shock absorber, knee & back support brace, rehabilitation support, baby body head support, bottle can cooler, armrest, hand rest, wrist rest, insole, anti slip & car pad, pillow case, bath pillow, gel seat & handle, gel phone rest, rub...

O' TOP Technology Corp. : Medical PC

we provide LCD monitors, LCD flat panel monitors, TFT LCD monitors, LCD computer ( PC, notebook, laptop, NB) monitors, LCD video monitors, open frame TFT LCD monitors, LCD TV( television) monitors, 14 ( 15, 17, 19, 20, 22) LCD monitors, 7 ( 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 24, 442, 42) inch LCD monitors, 3.5 ( 7, 9, 10, 22) TFT LCD monitors, wall mounted LCD monitors, outdoor LCD monitors, headrest LCD monitors, LCD monitor21, 1920x1200 LCD monitors, LCD display monitors, in dash LCD monitors, used LCD flat panel mo...

Toyolite Technologies Corporation : Medical PC

electronic components & parts, LED products- (1) LED, LEDs, LED Module, LED Modules, LED light, LED lights, LED lamp, LED lamps, LED display, LED displays, LED assembly, LED assemblies. (2) LED lamps- traffic signals, full color screens, sign boards, displays. (3) LED chip, flux LED, high power LED. (4) SMT- bikini & multi color domiled, power & reverse gullwing domiled. semiconductors- LED driver IC. (5) chemical products- TE201 silicone, TE203 ( DIM) silicone, TE233 shine dimmed silicone. (6) medical equ...

Lih Kuang Industry Co., Ltd. : Medical PC

1. Stock shapes of rods, tubes, sheets and parts of diversified high-performance plastic composites which have the characteristics of wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant and anti-chemical corrosion, such as, Polyimide (Vespel), PEEK, PEKK, PBI, PEI, PPS, Teflon, TPI, POM, Nylon (PA), PP, Kapton, PI and PE.
2. Specification Parts: Self-lubricant bearings, wear-resistant bushes (sleeves), films (PI film, Kapton film) and balls made of variety materials, such as POM, PA, PP, GLASS, Silicon Nitri...

Intertech Machinery Inc. : Medical PC

die & molds- automobiles ( automotives, cars, vehicles) parts molds, plastic injection molding, metal casting, rubber injection moulds, silicone rubber injection molds, mold making, mold makings, injection mold, injection molds, silicone mold, silicone molds, injection mold making, bakelite injection molding, die casting molds, metal casting, press moulds, earplug mold, baby nipple mold, mold designer, mold making ( marker), molding assembly, husky & incoe hot runner users, LKM hot runner user, moldmaster h...

Franmar International Inc. : Medical PC

electronic components & parts, switching power supply ( switching power supplies)- (1) auto parts, auto part- ATX powers, battery chargers, car ( automotives, vehicle, autos, automobiles) power adaptors ( adapters), converters, inverters, din rail ( dinrail) powers, industrial PC power supply, LCD TV power, linear AC AC & AC DC, medical powers, mobile ( cell, cellular) phone powers supplies, computer ( laptop) & high voltage & switch ( switching) mode & fanless external & quiet ( silent) & mean well power s...

Advantech Co., Ltd : Medical PC

computers & PC peripherals- embedded single board computers, industrial computer chassis, industrial servers, industrial motherboards, medical computing, panel PC, PICMG single board computers, embedded single board computers, computer on modules, embedded & industrial computing, communications & networking devices, eServices & applied computing, multi-functional panel PCs, fanless panel pc, medical desktop computers, handheld terminals, tablet pc, digital signage, industrial automation.

Auto Turning Technology Co., Ltd. : Medical PC

(1) industry machinery components & accessory- machine turnings, medical & aerospace devices components, cars ( autos, automobiles, automotives, vehicle) parts, bicycle ( bikes) & motorcycle ( motorbikes) parts, aluminum ( aluniminum) screw machine parts, PC ( computers) & panel components, toy & turned parts, precision machinery components, precision turned & hydraulic components, OA electronic equipment parts, sewing machine & CNC lathe components. (2) hardware, fasteners - bolts, nuts, special nuts & scr...

Reign Power Co., Ltd. : Medical PC

electronic ( electrical, electric) parts & components, accessory ( accessories)- (1) switching power ( supply) supplies- non frame & l-frame switching power supply, closure & U channel switching power supplies, din rail switching power supply, switching power supply high voltage, servo & stepping motor power, standard switching power, open frame & linear power supplies, AC DC ( AC-DC, AC to DC ) switching power supplies, industrial power supply, DC power, DC DC ( DC to DC ) converters, compact PCI power sup...

King Can Industry Corporation : Medical PC

consumer ( consumptions) electronics ( electric, electrical) products supply ( supplies)- co2 sensor, co2 ( carbon dioxide) sensors, co2 detectors & monitors, analyzer carbon dioxide dissolved, custom-made ( custom made, custommade, customed) plastic injection ( injecting, injected, inject) molds ( moldeds, moldings, moulds, mouldeds, mouldings, molders), plastic caps, plastic cups, plastic spoons , medical molds, OEM medical products, automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, auto, autocars, auto-cars) pa...

Elka(Taiwan) Ltd. : Medical PC

1. electrionic products including audio, video, telephone, medical cable assemblies. computers / PCMCIA cables,
telecom / communication cables and wire harnesses, a full range of connectors, switches, plugs, jacks and
adapters. .
2. cigarette lighter plug assemblies.
3. CATV/ MATV parts and accessories.
4. car Hi-Fi accessories.

Taiwan Powder Technologies Co., Ltd. : Medical PC

metal injection moulding ( molding, mold, mould), custom injection molding, custom injection mold making, power metal parts & products, MIM- (1) communications- hinges, antenna seats, vibrator weights in cellular phones, fiber optic connectors, crimp tools. (2) computer products & PC peripheral- hinges, logos, linkage parts, battery caps, locks. (3) hand tools ( handtools)- locking clips, nail gun plates, gears, ratchets, knobs. (4) medical devices- biopsy tools, forceps, surgical scissors, knife ( knives)....

Oner Design & Mechanism Co., Ltd. : Medical PC

keyboard assembly, control panels, membrane switch and touch panel,
PCB assembly, cable assembly, connector, plastic parts,
silicone rubber keypad, rubber parts, gasket, seal,
flexible print circuit, electronics and components, metal parts,
auto parts, medical application parts, design service.
sheet, adhesive fixing tape, electronic components, metal domes
& parts, medical application, automobile parts, design service.

Emmt Systems Corporation : Medical PC

power supplies / supply, PCB assembly(modules) & design, PCB assembly subcontract, contract manufacturing, auto test systems for electronic products, drop monitor for medical injection, OEM / ODM (including SMD) services and other associated subsystems.

Sunny Data Enterprise Corporation : Medical PC

electronic products- (1) computer & PC peripheral- UTP molded-boot cat 5 & 5e patch cables, UTP assembly cat 5 & 5e patch cables, STP category 5 patch cables, UTP category 6 patch cables, flat cat5e & cat6 patch cables, printer cables, SVGA monitor cables, serial cables, keyboard & mouse cables, USB cables, KVM cables, multisync cables, floppy and hard drive cables, power supply cords and extensions, power cables, firewire cables, SCSI I cables. (2) mobile phone accessory ( accessories)- cigar plug to Motor...

Chung Yee International Co., Ltd. : Medical PC

die & mold products, precision molding parts - (1) heat sinks, heat sink- extruded & stamped heat sinks, clip with & SMD heatsinks. (2) custom metal stamping parts- handles, fan guards, clips, covers, PCI brackets. (3) plastic products, automobile, medical, hardware, motorcycle parts, electronic parts & components, plastic injection moldings ( molds, moulding, moulds), press components, die castings. (4) front panels, stereo equipment, industrial mechanism box.

Topvision Display Technologies, Inc. : Medical PC

(1) industrial solutions- touch chassis display, panel mount displays, openframe display. (2) touch panel displays- touch LCD monitor ( 15", 15.4", 17", 17 wide, 19", 19wide). (3) medical display. (4) surveillance security solutions- CCTV monitors, touch DVR monitor. (5) embedded solutions- networking digital video system, robust stainless industrial panel PC, micro clients ( thin clients), multi-touch panel PCs, ipc. (6) POS ( point-of sale) solution- touch POS terminals, portable PCs, ...

Cable Maestro International Inc. : Medical PC

OEM/ ODM cable, PCMCIA cable assembly( assemblies), USB( universal serial bus) cable,
computer cable, medical grade cable, flat cable/ wire hardness, IMac, CAT, SCSI I/II/III, IEEE cable
bar code reader cables, monitor cables, BNC extension cables, mouse cables,
data cables, printer/ laser/ plotter cables, extension cables, RS232 cables, LAN& multimedia cable,
keyboard cables, scanner cables, modem cables, SCSI cables, PCB or PCBA molded inside cable connector,
adapters& ...

Huang Family Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Medical PC

switching power source, industrial switching power supplies for
computer, PC board, communication, medical, e-chemical, semiconductor
processing, auto-control, printing, high-frequency machine, laser,
lighting, DC-welding, plasma cutting/ welding/ coating machine,
ectrolyser, e-arc machine, electrostatic machine, magnetizing machine,
charger, oxyhydrogen machine, arcade( game machine), laboratory, etc.


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