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Trackball Mouse

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CAN Technology Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of a variety of computer accessories, such as keyboard with trackball, ergonomic keyboard, multimedia keyboards, usb numeric keyboard, standard keyboard, wireless keypads, usb numeric keypads, laptop keypad, laser/ optical computer mouse, ergonomic mouse pads, wireless usb optical mouses, wireless notebook optical mouse.

Maxam Technology Corp.

computer multimedia products& peripherals including joypads, mice( mouse)/ trackballs/

Mecmar Inc.

computer peripherals including 3D speakers, PC desktop& tower cases, mice( mouse)/
trackballs/ touchpads, multimedia speakers& subwoofers, point- of- sale systems.

Imao Technology Co., Ltd.

1. vending machines- washing powders, cards, small articles packages.
2. vacuum machines- grinding vacuum machine such as ld-303, ld-518,
ld-600( for workstation ); vacuum eraser machinery.
3. computer accessory- mouse, joystick and wheel life testers,
trackballs, mice rolling testers, switch life testers, cable bending
test, burn-in test.

Porngda Electronic Co., Ltd.

(1) computer peripheral& accessories- mouse, trackball, joystic & kid's designer, game pad.
(2) cable products- mouse cable, multimedia cable, CD-ROM cable, joystic cable,
USB cable, diversify cable, adapter, computer cable.

A4Tech Co., Ltd.

computer peripherals including mouse, mouse pads, trackballs, touchpads, joysticks, gamepads,
speakers, PC cameras, etc...

Monterey International Corp.

computer peripherals including filters, keyboards, LCD moudles/ panels, mouses, trackballs, joysticks, touch pads.

Alfa Data Computer Technology Corp.

computer peripherals including mouses, trackballs, joysticks, touch pads, USB cables, adaptors.

KYE Systems Corp.

computer parts & peripheral- PC monitors, computer mouse & trackball, scanners, speaker, graphic tablets, joysticks, keyboards, greeting card, networking, graphic and video accelerator, CD-ROM ( cd rom ) manufacturing, genlus PC system, fax/ modem, game controller,
communication equipment, and multimedia products.

Sysgration Corporation

(1) communication& auto test equipment- in circuit tester, telephone analyzers.
(2) computer interface device- auto switches, game controller, mouse, shredder, trackball.
(3) uniterruptible power supplies( UPS)
(4) telecommunication products- internal/ external modem, wireless PBX.

3G Corporation

electrical& computer products including mouse, trackballs, touchpads, rechargeable
batteries& packs.


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