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There are 42 manufacturers in this Satellite Manufacturers category, the follows are 21 - 40 [Page 2]:
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Secugis HiTech Corporation : Satellite Manufacturers

GPS and RF hardware products- magellan gps, gps unit, gps system, gps reciver, AM/ FM/ GIS, RF module, GPS antenna, AVL ( automatic vehicle locator system), automobile/ car/ net/ micro/ mini PC, satellite navigation, G-mouse, GPS electron, communication, automobile/ marine navigation systems, security, remote sensing, gas arm, personal locator, PDA+ GPS, GPS+ GSM, DGPS, magellan gps, gps unit, gps system, beacon, C3I, SCADA, RS film antenna, mini mainboards.

Feedpool Technology Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

(1) EMI / RF suppresson & absorbers- for digital set top box, satellite demodulators, digital cable TV transmodulator, audio video encoders.(2) silver pastes- for sealing of semi- conductors / LED, analog CATV headend, LNB series.(3) C.C.F.L.- for cold fluorescent lamps.(4) carbon pastes- for suppressing noise / radiaiton.

How Tsen Electronics Metal Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

We offers a wide range of high quality antennas- electronic ( electrical, electric) parts and components- antennas, antenna, RF, radio frequency, wireless, electronics, metals, GSM, GPS, WLAN, CDMA, bluetooth, BGA, solders, balls, lead free, telecoms, mobiles, cellulars, omnis, yagis, panels, patches, dipoles, dishs, rods, cordless, transceivers, phones, directionals, copper tubes, contacts, electrodes, heat pipes, terminal tubes, rod ants, antenna, 2.4 & 5.8Ghz antennas, active antennas, AM & FM antennas, ...

Azure Shine International Inc. : Satellite Manufacturers

parabolic antenna, satellite dish antenna, sffset dish antenna, prime focus dish, portable camping dish kit, vast antenna, various mounting types such as fixed mount, ground mount and polar mount for customer's requirement, universal stands, wall stand, pole stands, economic stand.

Hangzhou Xitianqi Electron Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

electronic components & parts, electrical connection- (1) coaxial cables- CATV broadband video cables, CCTV ( close circuit television) cables, DBS ( direct broadcasting satellite) cables, RG & JIS type coaxial cables. (2) networking cables- LAN & combined cables. (3) telecommunication cables- DS 3/4, type 3002, SY type, PCM type. (4) audio & video ( AV) cables. (5) appliance wiring cables- control cables ( alarm cables), low voltage computer cables, irradiated polyethylene insulated wires, telephone cables...

Hangzhou Linan Chuangxin Coaxial Cable Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

Manufacturer of various cables, including coaxial cables, RG 59 coaxial drop cables, RG 6 drop cables, RG 7 drop cables, RG 11 drop cables, telephone cable, telecom cable, phone cable, communication cable, electric wires and cable, wires cable assemblies supplied to China, European and some East-north Asia countries. We are still trying to make our quality beyond the normal standard. By doing so, suceessfully obtain ISO 9001:2000 quality certification.

Etek Navigation, Inc. : Satellite Manufacturers

As a reputed manufacturer & exporter of antenna products, we provide our customers a comprehensive range of (1) ODM, OEM antennas, RF antenna, combo antenna, GPS + GSM + WLAN antennas, GSM embedded antennas, mobile ( cell, cellular) phone antenna, wide-band antenna, WLAN access point antennas, WiMax antenna, WiFi antenna, GSM antennas, UWB antennas, Yagi-Uda antenna, directional antenna, DVBT antennas ( VHF & UHF), 2.4 GHz & 5.8 GHz antenna, customization antennas. (2) telecommunication equipments- solution...

Maxcomm Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

GSM & fixed communication equipments- (1) fixed wireless terminal, fixed wireless terminals, GSM fixed cellular terminals & gateway, multi SIM 4 & 8 ports GSM fixed wireless terminal, GSM mobile wireless fax and GSM fixed terminal supporting G3 fax connection, GSM fixed telephone & GSM supervised payphones, GSM public coin & card payphones, GSM signal jammers & boosters & repeaters. (2) coin payphone, chip card payphones, indoor & outdoor payphone, coin & card combi payphone, satellite payphones. (3) 2.4 & ...

Shenzhen Tianlai Antennas Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

electronic ( electric, electrical ) parts & components - antenna, antennas, GPS antenna, GPS antennas, YAGI antenna, YAGI antennas, car antenna, car antennas, wireless antenna, wireless antennas, custom antennas, magnetic base cordless phone ( wireless high gain ) antennas, GPS ( GPS active, GPS XM ) antennas, YAGI ( diamond, Grid, wilson, parabolic, flashing ) antennas, DVB T ( DVB, DVBT, HDTV outdoor & indoor, digital TV, HD, TERK HDTV ) antennas, TV ( television ) antennas, AM & FM radio antennas, HAM & ...

Cheng Fwa Industrial Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers


1. Metal chassis and cover, LCD TV brackets, TFT backlight bazel and frame.

2. Shielding cans, aluminum stamping parts, metal parts for car industry.

3. Metal stampings for telecommunication and networking industry.

4. Metal case for IPC server and assembly, computer peripheralst.

Sheet metal:

1. NCT punching works and laser cutting.

2. Rackmount parts.

3. Prototype fabrication.

4. Soft tool produc...

Dream Digital Technology Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

Manufacturer of digital technology products, including DVB, DVB receivers, set top boxes, IP boxes, GPS, mobile phones, home plug, IP cameras and MP4 players.

South Wold Ent. Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

We provide (1) amplifiers, attenuators, combiners, enclosures, equalizers, Er-doped fiber amp, filters, headend gears, isolators, line device line extenders, NIU, optical receivers, optical nodes, plug in series, splitters, taps, 1310 / 1550 transmitters, OEM, ODM, etc. (2) RF sub-system solutions and complex circuit board assembly.

Antex Electronic Corp. : Satellite Manufacturers

telecommunication products- CATV/ MATV/ SMATV equipment& component
including agile modulator, remote control converter,
satellite receiver, mini trunk amplifier, satellite finder,
TV modulator.

Wu Ying Electronic Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

(1) cellular phones, mobile phone accessories- hand- hold tools charger,
travel chargers.(2) switching power supply/ supplies suitable
for satellite receiver, communication equipment, RF link device,
consumer electronic products, buddhism tools, accessory.

Lead Universal International Corporation : Satellite Manufacturers

SMATV, MATV, CATV, TVRO, DBS, DSS and RF equipment.(1) CATV, cable TV equipments, outdoor& indoor amplifiers, passives& accessories, CATV power supply/ supplies( zero transfer time ferroresonant UPS), splitter, high isolation switches, surge protectors.(2) satellite products- LNB, multiswitch,dual output system amplifier.(3) cellular phone accessories( GSM/ AMPS)- amplifier& repeaters, accessory.

Bosstar Enterpeise Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

(1) electronic products- satellite antenna dish, C-band LNB, KU-band LNB
down converter satellite receiver( set-top box) and accessories, video
phone( telephone), 2.4 GHZ wireless video sender, security system.
(2) lighting- LED products & EL( electro luminescent products) for
traffic signals, commercial signs, EL lamp/ panel/ inverter/ flasher,
cold cathode fluorescent lamp, rope lamp, energy saving lamps.
(3) giftware, novelties& promotional gifts- glass and porcela...

Hon Touring Technology Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

(1) satellite navigation system development and related products- GPS,
(2) power supply, DC to AC power inverter, AC to DC converter, DC to
DC adapter, AC to AC power supplies and related power electronics
(3) GPS system, GPS recorder & software,
multimedia design and pre-printing formatting systems,
computer peripheral, vehicle parts & accessories.

Cablesat International Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

1. CATV connectors, F connectors ( RG6 connectors, F adapter ), CATV
hardline connectors, attenuator, DC block, 75 OHM coaxial connectors.
2. CATV indoor passives ( indoor splitter, indoor tap)
3. CATV filters( high pass filter, low pass filters, band pass filters,
trap filters )
4. satellite splitters, satellite taps.
5. crimp tool.

Huang Buffalo Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

(1) DIY hand tools, handtools, power tool, lawn and garden tool, gardening tools manufacturing, air tool & power tools, hydraulic tool- screwdrivers, sockets, pliers, cutters, hammer, safety, tool kit, strap, rivet, steel & wood working ( woodworking ) tool, grinder,
sander, drill, hammer, wrenches, spray painters, drill, saw, cordless,
grass shear, pruning shear, hedge shear, lopping shear, trowel,
cultivator, transplanter, digger, fork, multi-spade, hoe,
(2) electrical conne...

William Precision Industry Co., Ltd. : Satellite Manufacturers

(1) automotive parts, car body parts- automobile engine hood, leaf
plate, rear leaf plate, coolant reservoir rack, fender, support,
panel lower, valance panel.
(2) mold manufacturing
(3) metal industry (12 press machines from 400-ton to 1000-ton, 2 sets
5-axis holographic laser cutter, one set carving machine, and EDP)
(4) satellite dish.


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