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Video Capture Cards

There are 23 manufacturers in this Video Capture Cards category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Video Capture Cards Manufacturers & Video Capture Cards Suppliers

Great Asia Electronic Co.,Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

we provide electric manufacturers & supply, CCTV cameras, wireless ( track) CCTV cameras, dome surveillance cameras, network 1/4'ccd/ CCD/ IR/ speed dome cameras, PTZ dome cameras, CCTV camera dome ptz 2 (s60x 2), IR cameras, 50m IR waterproof cameras, taiwan manufacture IR CCD cameras, IR motion wireless CCD video cameras, IR camera 2000as, led array/ 100-150m/ IP / 100 led/ wlan IR cameras, IR thermo cameras, usb box cameras, miniature cameras, mini wireless spy/ digital video/ security/ ccd color cameras...

Portwell, Inc. : Video Capture Cards

1. industrial computer service- single-board computers ( SBCs), industrial grade backplanes, industrial motherboards ( main boards) & extension boards, industrial chassis, 19" 1u/2u/3u/4u/6u rackmount ( rack mount), 6/8-slot industrial node chassis, power supply, open frame power supplies, adapters, extension cables, accessories & peripherals, embedded pc chassis, modular computer, embedded system board, embedded rugged fan-less systems, rugged & stylish industrial mini-ITX bare bone cases, digital sec...

Guardtech Electronic Co., Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

security alarm & safety products, surveillance equipment- (1) general cameras, day & night cameras, speed dome cameras, PIR cameras, CCTV cameras, covert cameras. (2) Infrared- passive IR ( infrared) detectors, twin beam IR, PIR detectors. (3) surveillance- digital video recorders, video capture cards, LCD monitors. (4) security dialers, multi zone alarms, transmitters, burglar alarm system, DVR system, home alarm, cctv equipments.

Shenzhen Vangold Electronics Co., Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

security ( safety, safe, surveillance) systems & products- (1) security cameras- color & B/W CCD, CCTV camera, CCTV cameras, network IP, wireless & dome, mini & UFO, standard & zoom, underwater & IR, waterproof ( water proof, water-proof), smoke hidden, box, indoor & outdoor speed dome, high speed dome, dome day & night, vandal proof.(2) DVR cards- video capture cards, compression cards, standalone ( stand alone, stand-alone) DVR, mobile DVR cards. (3) CCTV lens- pinhole ( pin hole, pin-hole), fixed iris, d...

Shenzhen Ailipu Technology Co., Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

home security systems (security system) & surveillance equipments, video surveillance system - (1) security camera- color CCD, B/W CCD, CCD cameras, CCD camera, CCTV, CCTVs, CCTV security camera, CCTV security cameras, CCTV camera, network IP, wireless, dome, mini, UFO, standard, zoom, underwater, IR, waterproof ( water proof), smoke hidden, high speed dome. (2) DVR cards- video capture & smart cards, compression cards, standalone ( stand alone) DVR, mobile DVR card. (3) CCTV lens- pinhole ( pin hole,) lens...

Weiyang Technology Co., Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

electronic components & parts, electrical connectors- custom made ( custom-made) cable assembly ( assemblies), automotive wire, automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, auto) wire & cable sets, car handsfree kits, coaxial cables, GPS & GSM antennas, mobile ( cell, cellular) phone to PC data cables, PDA battery chargers & kits, PDA cables & connectors ( connecters), portable GPS receivers, remote surveillance products, USB cables, video capture ( video-capture) cards & adapters ( adaptors), wireless intrud...

Lightspeed International Co. : Video Capture Cards

experience in modem design, faxmodem, voice/ fax/ modem 3-in-one, capture cards,
ISDN PC card, MPEG PC card, fast ethernet PC card
the internet TV appliance kits, routers, and video conference

Pretect Corporation : Video Capture Cards

(1) multimedia- video capture PC card, MPEG PC card, scan converter PC card
(2) digital cameras (3) Compact I/O- Compact modem card, LAN card, SCSI card, IDE card
(3) memory/ storage- CompactFlash memory PC card( digital film card )
, smartmedia card, SRAM memory PC card,
linearflash memory PC card, mini IDE flash drive, miniature card.

Tekram Technology Co., Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

motherboard( mainboards )for pentium II & celeron processors, storage, mutimedia products-
all-in-one TV/ video capture card, serial infrared adapter, infrared printer adapter
, infrared network adapters.

Upmost Technology Corporation : Video Capture Cards

computer components & accessories high-performance
2D/ 3D intel740 graphics accelerator, multimedia products,
AV video capture card, plug and play PCI card,
video conferencing, PC to PC, mouse.

Puretek Industrial Co.,Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

data communicational products - data, voice, fax, or video transmissions, video conferencing kits(
fax/ modem/ PC camera and capture card) and PC modem.

Projey Antenna CO., Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

(1) cellular phone accessories- hand free kit, travelling charger,
universal magnetic holder, cellular phone antennas.
(2) PCMCIA cards, ZV video conference+MPEG combo card, capture card.
(3) video security system.

Yokojima Peripheral Industrial Co.,Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

computer components & peripherals - color camera, ZV PCMCIA cards/ TV card, video capture card, monitor security system,
TFT LCD monitor, CCTV security, USB modems.

Yuan Yuan Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

multimedia products- video cards, graphic accelerator, TV tuner cards, SCSI cards, PC-TV scan converter, USB video capture.

Provideo Multimedia Co., Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

designer and manufacturer of
high-performance audio/ video/ graphics
add-on cards, VGA combo card, TV-tuner, and capture card.

3J Tech Co., Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

security, IT computer, industrial, infrared modems, palmtop modems,
TCP/IP modems, OEM / ODM , modem modules, PC 104 industrial modems,
Master / slave mode wireless RS-232 modems, 4 port video capture
card & USB camera.

Datavideo Technologies Co. Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

electronic equipment including video ( non-) linear editing products, time base correctors,
video capture cards, TV producers, video presenters, viedo galaxy.

Artificial Parallax Electronics Corp.( APEC) : Video Capture Cards

computer hardwares& softwares including VR games packages, tool package for PC& TV
applications/ still images& motion pictures, 2D to 3D video converters, video capture cards.

Kworld Computer Co.,Ltd. : Video Capture Cards

computer components& peripherals including 2D/ 3D VGA cards, TV cards, capture
cards, sound cards, MPEG II cards& video conference products, modems, networking
card, keyboards, mouse, PC tower cases, CD-ROM, mainboards( mainboards)...

Tops-Mate International Corp. : Video Capture Cards

computer& electronic products including video games accessories, power inverters, CD/
HDD( hard drive disc)/ disk/ media duplicators, CD label pads, image capture cards, PC
video camers, DC to AC power inverters, PSX accessory, digital voice recorders, transformers, etc...


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