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Tact Switches

There are 24 manufacturers in this Tact Switches category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Tact Switches Manufacturers & Tact Switches Suppliers

Salecom Electronics Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

Main products are miniature toggle switches, mini rocker switches, paddle switch, slide switches, pushbutton switch, tact switches, key switches, dip switches, sealed switch, SMD switch, SMT switch, illuminated switch, LED switch, UL & CSA switch.

Hsuan Yen Electronics International Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

Manufacturer and exporter of various switches, products include rotary switches, push switches, tact switches, dip switches, push button switches, mini slide switches, lever switches, rocker switches, phone jacks, A.C. power jacks, D.C. power jacks, plug adaptors, fuse holders, alligator clips, neon/LED/pilot indicator lights, circuit breakers, auto cigarette plugs, and so on.

Yueqing Xinzhong Electric Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

AC fans, axical AC fans, brushless DC fan, micro switches, tact switch, power switches, rocker switches, alarm, video door phone systems, steam iron, lamps, LED rope light, enclosure box, electric ( power) hammer, hand crimping tools, AV jacks.

Huichi Electronics Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

(1) switch & jack series- tele-phone jacks, AC power jacks, RCA jacks, AV jacks, PCB jack, tact switches, slide switch, push switch, push botton ( pushbotton) switches, uni-directional pushbotton switches, toggle switches. (2) door locks- pushbottons. (3) electronic connectors- USB connector, mini USB connectors, DIN terminal connectors.

Canal Electronic Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

membrane switches, rockers, push, slides, minatures, snap actions, pull chains, rotaries, dips, tact, encoders, mould controls, indictors, sockets, lampholders, peripherals.

Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

electrical connections- (1) cable assembly ( assemblies)-RF coaxial cable assemblies, USB cable assemblies, SATA cable assembly, power cable assembly, wire harness, wiring harnesses, infiniband 4x/8x/12x cable assembly. (2) electrical connectors- board to board connectors, wire to board connectors, Serial ATA connector, ODD connectors, SAS connector, LVDS connectors, backplane connectors, friction headers, compression header, shrouded headers, PCB connectors, USB & mini USB connector, media bay connector, D...

Dakotek Electronics Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

(1) antennas- WiMax antennas, WLAN antenna, portable TV antenna, Wi-Fi antenna, UHF & VHF antenna, dual band antennas, DVB-T & DVB-H antennas, car antenna, 3G antennas, GPS patch antennas, outdoor antenna, 2.4G & 5.8G antenna, rubber terminal antennas. (2) electrical switches- detector switches, tact swiches, micro switch, mini slide switches, lever switch, push button ( pushbutton) switches, vertical knob switches. (3) RF connectors- Rf cable connector, SMA & SMB & SMC connectors, TNC & BNC connector, N co...

Zippy Technology Corp : Tact Switches

computers & PC peripherals- (1)power supply ( supplies)- hight efficiency, redundant modules, ATX power supplies, power budgets, PSU ( power supply unit). (2) consumer electronics- aluminum keyboards, Bluetooth keyboard, wireless keyboards, EL ( electron-luminescent) multimedia keyboard, programmable gaming keyboards, membrane type keyboard, USB numeric & external slim keypads, ergonomics design mobile mini keypad, wireless laser mouse, optical mouse, USB 2.0 hubs, portable speakers, industrual PC keyboards...

Dailywell Electronic Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

electronic ( electric, electrical ) switches-
(1) toggle switch- miniature, illuminated, mini, sealed, SMT, sub-miniature toggle switch, lighted, momentary, subminiature switch toggle, switch toggle waterproof, 3 switch toggle way. (2) rocker switch- illuminated, lighted, miniature, momentary, mini rocker switch, rocker sealed switch, rocker switch wiring (3) push button switch- lighted, momentary, miniature, illuminated, snap acting, alternate action, subminiature pushbutton switch (4) slide switch-...

Chiefdom Electronic Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

1. IR repeater system.

2. Multi-room audio distribution & control system.

3. In-wall IR volume controls & outdoor volume control.

4. Speaker selectors.

5. Audio sockets.

6. Switches: rotary & slide.

6. Switches: rotary & slide.

Taiwan Misaki Electronices Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

As an experienced switch designer & manufacturer, we offer a wide range of tact switches, slide switch, detector switches, phone jacks, telephone & DC power jack, detection switches, connectors, vertical/ horizontal switches, tactile & sensor switches, electronic & membrane switches, SMT & DIP switches, miniature & micro switches, miniature & electrical ( electric) switches, power & automotive electrical switches, dome arrays, MR sencor, multifunction & tilt switches, microswitch, consumer electronics, dete...

Yuen Yu Electronic Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

computer & electronic ( electric, electrical) components & parts company- (1) wire harnesses, cable wire harness, wire harness assembly ( assemblies), wirings, wiring kits, wiring accessory ( accessories), wiring harness ( harnesses), wire products, computer connector wires. (2) connectors- computer and wire harness connectors, network connecters, PCB connectors, board to board connecters, wire to board and wire to wire connectors, connector suppliers, cables connecters, connector D sub, connector cable ass...

Taiwan Alpha Electronic Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

electronic compomnents- rotary potentiometer, slide potentiometer, rotary switch, slide switches,
power switch, rocker switch, tact switch, push switch, key switch, lever switch,
push button switch, encoder.

Salecom Electronics Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

miniature toggle switches, miniature rocker switches,
power rocker switches, push button switches, sub-miniture push button switches,
miniature slide switches,
sub-miniature slide switches, DIP switches, tact switches, sealed switches
& SMD switches, sub-miniature toggle / push button switches,
DIP switches / tact switches.

Shin Way Electronics Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

rotary codes switches, dip switches, miniature toqqle switches, sub-miniature toqqle switches,
miniature rocker & paddle switches, sub-miniature rocker switches
slide switches, miniature push button switches, sub-miniature push button switches,
tact switches, power switches.

Taiway Electronics Co., : Tact Switches

Miniature Switches, Sub-mini Switches, Sealed Switches, Sub-sealed Mini-Switches and Sub-sealed SMT Switches, Tact Switch, Slider Switches, Pushbutton Switches etc....

Diptronics Manufacturing Inc. : Tact Switches

electronic components including DIP/ TACT switches.

LightWell Corporation, Ltd. : Tact Switches

electornic components including slide/ detector/ DIP/ door latch/ hook/ lever/ micro/
vertical push/ recording/ tact switches, headphone/ DC power jacks( sockets), voltage
selectors, ( dual color) LED lamps, seven segment/ dot matrix LED displays, invisible
LED devices.

Forward Electronics Co., Ltd. : Tact Switches

(1) computer peripherals including keyboards, LCD modules, MPEG cards, modems, scanners, mouse,
USB connectors.
(2) electronic components including BS/ TV/ VCR tuners, RF modulators, control pads for TV game,
commander units, rotary encoders, potentiometers, tact/ key/ power/ signal selector switches,
infrared remote controllers/ receivers, TV cards, TV Boxes, CRT sockets.

Enrwey Co., Ltd-Electrical Switch, Electronic Switches : Tact Switches

electrical switch, electronic switch & electrical switches, electrical plugs including push/ tact/ micro/ hook/ rocker/ fuse
holder switches, SMT reel- packaging tact switch series.


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