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SIMM Sockets

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Listings of SIMM Sockets Manufacturers & SIMM Sockets Suppliers

Unitop Electronics Co., Ltd. : SIMM Sockets

We offer a full range of RF/microwave connectors, like SMA, TNC, MMCX, F, N, MCX and SMB connectors to meet a various application in the market, also we offer a collection of DIN connectors for FCC standard (shielded) products in a myriad of different sizes: 2.5mm (SMT type), 3.5mm and 4.5mm. Our product line also extends to phone jacks, single/double row scart sockets, CRT sockets, DC power jacks, mini DIN sockets, RCA PIN jacks, IEC connectors, AC receptacles, battery holders, pin jacks, terminal blocks, ...

Vensik Electronics Co., Ltd. : SIMM Sockets

electronic components & parts- (1) terminals, housing, D-subminiature & power & PC board connectors, connectors, connector, cable wire harness, cable wire harnesses. (2) sockets- chip carrier sockets, low-profile-I.C. socket, zig-zag inline package sockets, low profile IC sockets, IC socket machine pins. (3) headers- female header single & center header single row type, dual row straight angle headers, center low profile headers, dual row dual body breakaway headers, grid dual row PCB headers, pitch power P...

Neltron Industrial Co., Ltd. : SIMM Sockets

electronic components and computer parts- board to board connector,
wire to board connector, wire to wire connector, PGA socket, USB and
mini USB series, pin header, socket strip, D-sub, centronic, box
header, eject lever header, IDC, PLCC socket, SIMM socket, screw
machine pin, IC socket, burn-in socket, IEEE 1394 IC, card edge, TEL
plug & jack, mini DIN, cable assembly, wire harness, adapter, other
OEM project.

WinWin Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. : SIMM Sockets

Manufacturer of electric parts- (1) electrical connectors and plugs- ATA and SATA connectors, PCI Express connectors, eSATA connectors, adapter connectors, computer connectors, R/A and SMT connectors, HDMI connectors, board to board connectors, AM2 retention mechanism, card edge connectors, slim low profile PCI series, DIN 41612 connectors, power 4 pins, SCSI and SCSI2 connectors, IDC connectors, USB connectors, IEEE 1394 connectors and plugs, combo connectors 2 in 1 H/D X-box connectors, ATX power and dis...

Townes Enterprise Co., Ltd. : SIMM Sockets

electronic components & electrical parts- female headers, pin headers, box headers, round cables, electrical connectors, computer connectors, PCB headers, PLCC dip sockets, PLCC SMT sockets, SIMM sockets, mini jumpers, edge board connectors D-sub, IDC sockets, IDC dip plugs, IC sockets, wire harness, custom-made cable assembly ( assemblies).

Don Connex Electronics Co., Ltd. : SIMM Sockets

IDC socket, IDT connector, edge card IDC type, card edge, transition plug, DIP plug, shrouded header IDC, centronic IDC, SCSI-III D-Sub, ultra ATA bus, SCA connector, half pitch IDC socket, D-Sub IDC, female header, receptacle, male header, SMT connector, SMT pin header, PLCC socket, IC-socket, ZIG-ZAG IC socket, mini DIN, ZIF, LIF, D-Sub miniature, DIN 41612 connector, miniature ribbon, ribbon connector, high density card edge, DIMM, SIMM, flat cable/ flat ribbon cable( assemblies ).


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