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Wire Ducts

There are 15 manufacturers in this Wire Ducts category, the follows are 1 - 15 [Page 1]:
Listings of Wire Ducts Manufacturers & Wire Ducts Suppliers

Torng Chau Plastic Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

household & industrial ( industry) supplies ( supply)- PVC hoses, polyurethane hoses, hose manufacturers, hydraulic hoses, PVC reinforced hoses, high pressure hoses, water hose, rubber hoses, industrial ( industry) hose, recoiling hoses, welding hoses, hose reel carts, hose couplings, hose adaptors ( adapters), garden hose nozzles, garden hose connectors, hose clamps, hose fittings, nylon yarn hoses, ventilation ductile hoses, tarpaulin tubes, fiber hose, nylon tube, acetylene hoses, pressure water hose, ai...

Chief Ling Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

(1) Hardware, Hand Tools & Metal Product- 40pcs 3/8" & 1/4"Dr. Socket Wrench Set., ABS Plastic Wheel Reflecting Cover, Acrylic parts by diamond or laser cutting, Aluminum Parts, Ball for Valve in stainless steel (custom-made), Blades & Knifes, Bolts.Anchors, Bonded Washer, Cable Clamp, Casting Tube, Clutch needles and Pins, Custom-Made Plastic Spring & Clip Parts, Dial, Double Sided Tape, Driller, Electrical Insulating Tape, Fiexible Conduit, Flash Light Tool Kit, Grease Nipple, Hanger Tool, Hook,...

Shenzhen Weiyi Optical Communication Technology Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

Manufacturer of ceramic products and fiber optic interconnection accessories, products include ceramic ferrules & sleeves, fiber optic adapters, fiber optic attenuators, fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic patch panels, optical connectors, fiber optic cables, fiber optic splitters, fiber optic media converter, and FTTH solution.

Yuyao Hengwei Check Hoop Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

We provide many types of stainless steel hose clamps, such as American/ Germany/ Euro/ France type, wire hose clamps, faster liner type clamps, AC clamps, fire clamps, hydraulic hoses, hose fittings, pipes clamps, industrial hose, quick clamps, clamp tubes, pipe clamp fittings, pipe clamp tools, pipe clips, hose clips, clamp clip, fixing clamps, T bolt hose clamp, high strength clamps, expansion adapters, V-bands heavy duty clamps, throbbing clamps, repair clamps, and etc.

Shanghai Total Industrial Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

electronic, electrical & industrial supplies- 1. test meters, measuring instruments- analyzers, police alcohol tester, moisture testers, humidity meter and psychrometers, ph meter, aquarium tester & equipment, dissolved oxygen meter, magnetic stirrer, ORP meter, water hardness tester, PH stick, EC stick meter, CF stick meter, PPM stick meter, Nutrient Truncheon, EC/PPM/CF stick, EC/PPM/CF meter, gas alarm, CO detector & sensor, halogen leak detector, HVAC, IAQ control and monitor, metal/voltage detector, st...

Peace Electric Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

outdoor enclosures, switching power supplies, wire duct & tubings, accessory systems.

Shanghai Xinlong Plastic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

high temperature plastic, high temperature plastics, cable ties, cable clips, expand nails ( plastic anchor), self adhesive tie bases, cable markers, terminal blocks, wire joints, wire ducts.

Yi Chi Hsiung Industrial Corp. : Wire Ducts

hardware & accessory (accessories)- (1) marine hardware, gas spring, gas springs. (2) aluminum alloy- aluminum snap hooks, aluminum alloy whsitle, aluminum figure eight & aluminum oval sleeves. (3) stainless steel- stainless steel snap hooks, double end & swivel loop snaps, swivel eye & jaw, swivel bolt & swivel bolt snaps, spring hooks, straight snap hooks (with eye), oval snap (with screws), spring eye hooks, spring open end hooks, swivel snap shackles, swivel snap shackles, fast rigid snap, fast swivel s...

Hua Wei Industrial Co., Ltd : Wire Ducts

cable tie and wire management products- cable tie, cable ties, cable clip, cable clips, wire duct, wire ducts, nylon cable tie, plastic cable tie, releasable cable tie, cable management system, stainless steel cable tie, velcro cable tie, computer cable ties, cable & wire assembly, wire marker, twist lock, cable gland, wiring duct, cable clamp, wire clamps, wrapping band, wire clip, terminal connectors, plastic wire connector, circuit board support, shoe tie, electronic part, plug, duct, electric accessorie...

Cable Tie Cable Clamp- Favortron Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

Manufacturer and exporter of electronic passive components, wiring accessories, stainless steel & releasable cable tie, cable clips & clamps, nylon & plastic cable tie, cable ties tools & mounts, wire holders & plastic clips, wrapping bands, twist locks, plastic bushings, cord & snap bushing, bushing tool, brass cable glands, plastic hole & rubber hole plugs, hole metal plugs, wiring duct, wire nuts & cables connectors, close end connecters, screw on connectors, LED holder & housing, transistor & screw wash...

Jyh Shinn Plastic Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

wire and cable management product- cable ties, nylon cable tie, cable clamp & cable tie mount, cable clip, wire duct, cable gland, terminal & connector, related wiring accessories, OEM, products searching & purchasing.

Sheng Jaan Industrial Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

Main products are motorcycle components, beach ATV parts, motorbike shock absorber components, car shock absorber parts, foot boards, motorcycle foot rest stele rubbers, post electric wire gum covers, labor eye rings, plugs, drive shaft dirt-proof boots, heterogeneous filling piece o-rings, dish valve, check valves, eccentric valves, rubber mounts with metal, machines parts, air ducts, tying a belts, fenders, applications of gums, OEM & ODM products, blind (rubber, steel, stainless, aluminum, nylon) fastene...

Kai Suh Suh Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

cable ties, wiring duct, cable marker, and wiring accessories- wiring ducts,
binding bands& tie mounts, cable clamps, bushings, wire connectors, tubes, cable clips fasteners.

Cirmaker Industry Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

(1) electronic hardwares including non- insulated/ insulated/ core- end( ferrules)/
copper tube( cable lugs) terminals, butt/ insulated/ wire connectors, automatic lighters,
ELCB( earth leakage circuit breakers), MCCB( molded case circuit breakers), control
components, cable ties/ clips/ markers/ glands, wiring ducts, alligator clips& tubes...
(2) crimping tools, multimeters, panel meters, cutters& screwdrivers, timers& relay
sockets, warning lights, buzzers& foot...

Terng Ji Wiring & Cable Tie Accessries Co., Ltd. : Wire Ducts

(1) hardwares, hand tools, wiring accessories including nylon cable ties, cable markers,
cable clamps, self-adhesive cable mounts, wiring ducts, wire connectors, spiral wrapping bands,
and PVC electric tapes, etc.
(2) wiring machinery- stamping machines.


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