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Resettable Fuses

There are 8 manufacturers in this Resettable Fuses category, the follows are 1 - 8 [Page 1]:
Listings of Resettable Fuses Manufacturers & Resettable Fuses Suppliers

Zonkas Electronic Co., Ltd. : Resettable Fuses

Manufacturer of electronic parts and components, including (1) capacitors- electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, multilayer ceramic dip capacitors, MLCC, safety standard recognized capacitors (Y1, Y2, X1, X2), ceramic chip capacitors, aluminum and SMD electrolytic capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, motor starting capacitors, mini box capacitors, tantalum capacitors, super high voltage ceramic capacitors, AC motor capacitors, lighting capacitors, CBB series CD60 capacitors, surface ...

Jenn Feng Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. : Resettable Fuses

(1) electronic fuses-
micro, surface mount, resettable, automotive, car, auto, automobile, vehicle, alarm indicating, blde fuses, circuit breaker.
(2) fuse clip for AGU, ATM, ATC, ATS fuses
(3) fuse manufacturers, fuse holder, fuse block, terminal blocks, power distributions blocks.
(4) others- battery terminal clamps, wire assembly ( assemblies ), cap bracket, cable terminal, cap connecting link, car audio cable kits, huge capacitor, car accessories.

INPAQ Technology Co., Ltd. : Resettable Fuses

electronic & electrical components- RF antennas, LC filter arrays, chip common mode filters, chip duel mode filters, polymer resettable fuses, multilayer chip capacitor arrays.

Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd : Resettable Fuses

electrical connections- (1) switches and relays- push and slide switches. (2) mechanical relays- automotive relays. (3) terminal blocks- high power. (4) connectors products- board to board connectors. (5) chip inductor & bead. (6) resettable fuses.

QuadRep Electronics Co., Ltd. : Resettable Fuses

electromechanical, interconnect, electronic, computer components& products including printed
circuit boards( PCB), IDE controller ICs, IGBT Modules, Rectifiers, auto- resettable fuses,
inductors, resistors, backpanels, connectors, transistors, keypads, modules, resonators,
transformers, sensors, capacitors, sockets, projectors, oscillators, LEDs, crystal displays,
LCD, microcontrollers, SDRAMs/ SGRAMS/ SRRAMs/ SSRAMS, DC to DC converters, switches,

Tianjin Tranful Import & Export Co., Ltd. : Resettable Fuses

li-ion battery, li-ion batteries, garments, cereals & oil, aquatic products, heat shrinkable tubings, circuit protection products, macromolecule resettable fuses, linear devices, strap devices, surface mounted devices, heat-tracing materials, rechargiable battey, submersible pumps, auto door and regulator motors, servo motor.

Hitano Enterprise Corp. : Resettable Fuses

aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors, film capacitors, metal oxide varistors, chip inductors, resettable fuse, SMD LED lamps, tantlum capacitors.

Polytronics Technology Corp. : Resettable Fuses

electromechanics- SMD surface mount PTC devices, radial lead PTC devices, high voltage PTC devices, axial lead PTC devices, disc PTC devices, PTC resettable fuse.


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