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Power Relays

There are 54 manufacturers in this Power Relays category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Power Relays Manufacturers & Power Relays Suppliers

Scientech Electronics Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

Manufacturer of IP based wireless security & home automation system, home alarms, intruder alarms, internet controls, internet interface, sensors, intelligent security system, DIY home security, personal emergency response systems, photoelectric smoke detectors, gas leakage detectors, pendant transmitters, remote controls, wireless keypads, door & window sensors, glass break sensors, PIR motion detectors, wireless sirens, external back-up power, alarm system, telephone monitoring systems, wireless home secu...

Sheng Teng Electron International Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

We provide automotive wire, pressure switches, automotive relays, car flashers, fuel pump relays, flasher relays, car back up alarms, oil pressure switches, automobile diagram relays, relay sockets, 12VDC automotive diode relays, main relay, power relays, lamp relays, fan relays, ignition relays, mini buzzer, hazard warning switches, stop light switches, air brake switches, automotive switches, diesel shut off switch, solenoid starter switch, wire kits, knock sensors, OEM.

Sipin Technology Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

we provide thyristor power regulators, temperature controller, temperature controllers, power regulators ( SCR), power regulator, SCR power controls, single & three phase power regulators, heater power regulators, SCR power regulator phase controllers, temperature controllers, solid state replays, single phase & three phase solid state relay.

Jian Horng Electrical Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

Manufacturer and exporter especially on the field of temperature control including (1) temperature controller, thermocouple, SCR, power regulator, SSR, solid state relay, extension wire, bi-metal thermometer, temperature transmitter, float level switch, capillary thermostat handheld digital thermometer, microprocessor PID controllers, thermocouples & RTD, electric heaters, temperature switches. (2) accessories- compensating wire.

Chiyu Technology Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

Manufacturer of safety and security products, RFID readers & accessory, fingerprint security system, door access control systems, RFID system for access control & time attendance systems, multi door controllers, and TCP/IP solution for industrial automation, biometric identification products, proximity & smart card readers, RFID thick & thin cards, RFID key tags, AC DC power adaptors, power switches, relay boxes, elevator controllers.

KUOYUH W.L. Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

Manufacturer of (1) thermal circuit breakers, protective switch- 88 series, 88AR auto-reset, 88D, 91/ 91L/ 92/ 97/ 98 H series protectors, magnetic manual & modified reset, H50. (2) thermostats- 6APE, 8AME, 17AME+PTC/ -S, -T, two connectors, 9700KE, TS05-SB5/ TS16-TB5/ TS Series, TS17-SB5F thermostats, cut-off, motor short circuit protectors. (3) AC socket. (4) switch- rocker switches. (5) power cards.

Shanghai Tonger Sensor-electric Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

photoelectric sensors & detectors, proximity sensors, inductive proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, magnetism type sensors, hall sensors, reed switches, analog output sensors, temperature sensors, Level-Control Limit Switch, Installation Parts, Solid state Relays, switching ( switch mode) power supply.

Beijing Keyuanlong Electronics Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

communication system, management host telephone, wald-talky extesion, wald-talky extesion, power device, mergency extesion, industrial control, Bistable manetic switch, magnetic Switches inducter, phase sequencr protection relay, overheat protection relay

People Ele. Appliance Group : Power Relays

fire box, fire boxes, contactors, universal circuit breaker, relay, power capacitors, distribution boxes, transfomers.

Chengdu Tongda Relay Manufacturing Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

protective relays, miniature heavy-duty relays, ultra miniature intermediate power relays, ultra miniature heavy-duty relays, solenoids, transformers, mouldings.

Shanghai Total Industrial Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

electronic, electrical & industrial supplies- 1. test meters, measuring instruments- analyzers, police alcohol tester, moisture testers, humidity meter and psychrometers, ph meter, aquarium tester & equipment, dissolved oxygen meter, magnetic stirrer, ORP meter, water hardness tester, PH stick, EC stick meter, CF stick meter, PPM stick meter, Nutrient Truncheon, EC/PPM/CF stick, EC/PPM/CF meter, gas alarm, CO detector & sensor, halogen leak detector, HVAC, IAQ control and monitor, metal/voltage detector, st...

Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

protective relays, signal relays, power relays, automotive relays & modules, SSR & power modules, latching relays, hermetically sealed relays, and relay sockets.

Xiamen Song Jiang Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

protective relays, pc board relays, compressor control relays, general purpose relays, telecom relays, automotive relays, power relays, latching relays, solid state relays, timer relays.

Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp. : Power Relays

electromechanics- (1) breaker switchgear & system- MCCB/ MCB, earth leakage circuit breakers, air circuit breaker, magnetic switches, magnetic contactor, magnetic control relay, thermal overload relays, push buttons, surge absorbers, automatic transfer switch. (2) heavy electric systems- power transformers, cast resin transformer, dry type mold cast resin transformer, oil immersed distribution transformer, pad mounted & pole mounted transformers, PCT ( potential current transformer), high voltage switch, li...

Beijing Yaohua Dechang Electron Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

variable transformers, protective relays, power transformers, inductances, pulse transformers, printed circuit board ( PCB) mounted transformers, industrial automatism control equipments, all closed safety insolted transformers, high voltage series, protecting relays, air stream protecting relays, voltage protecting relays.

Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd : Power Relays

electrical connections- (1) switches and relays- push and slide switches. (2) mechanical relays- automotive relays. (3) terminal blocks- high power. (4) connectors products- board to board connectors. (5) chip inductor & bead. (6) resettable fuses.

Cosmo Electronics Corporation : Power Relays

electronic & electrical components- high power LED, opto electronics devices, photo coupler, photo traic, photo link connector, mouse sensor, solid state relays.

Wuxi Gold Control Technology Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

high temperature plastics, solid state relays, electronic power controllers, power semiconductors, diodes & thyristor modules, DC motor drivers and AC voltage regulation devices, rectifier modules.

Wenzhou Daquan Electric Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

tally counters, miniature relays, time relays, digital timers, power relays, latching relays, automotive relays.

Yueqing Oufu Electric Co., Ltd. : Power Relays

time switches, timer switches, circuit breakers, mini circuit breakers, earth leakage circuit breakers, contactors, switches, relays, timers, counters, motor protector, thermal relay, temperature controllers, door meters, time relays, energy saving lamps, power relays, general purpose relays, PCB relays, auto relays, relay sockets, fuses, pushbuttons, power supplies, instruments, lamps, meters, sockets, distribution box, lamps, electrical accessories, wireless doorbells, current transformers.


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