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NTC Thermistors

There are 14 manufacturers in this NTC Thermistors category, the follows are 1 - 14 [Page 1]:
Listings of NTC Thermistors Manufacturers & NTC Thermistors Suppliers

Stingray International Co., Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

electronic & electrical components- (1) capacitors- electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic capacitors, aluminum capacitors, multilayer capacitors, power capacitors, polypropylene capacitors , radial capacitors, multilayer ceramic capacitors, MLCC, metal film capacitor, film capacitors, SMD ceramic capacitor, ceramic & polyester capacitors. (2) electronic resistors- variable resistor, power resistors, carbon film resistors, high voltage resistors, metal film resistor, metal film resistors, metal oxide film res...

ODEN Scientec Corporation : NTC Thermistors

(1) electronic parts& components including aluminum electrolytic capacitors,
film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, NTC/ PTC thermistors, metal oxide
varistors, inductors, power inverters...
(2) computer hardwares& softwares including printer ink cartridges& refill

Nine Big Co., Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

electronic components & parts- (1) EMC components- ferrite beads & 3-terminal filters, 3-terminal feed-through capacitors, choke coils, varistors, EMC filters, clamp filters, ferrite & amorphous cores, shield materials, radio wave absorbers, anechoic chambers. (2) ferrite & ferrite bead cores. (3) amorphous cores. (4) sensors- humidity & temperature sensors, electrical ( electromagnetic) & mechanical sensors, gear tooth sensor, NTC thermistors. (5) piezoelectronic products- ceramic filters & discriminators ...

Gid Gloria Intl. Dev. Co., Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

exporter& importer of electronic components, equipments& materials including
automatic handler/ dispenser system, auto insertion/ soldering/ breaking system/
liquid coating machines, termination coating machine for chip resistors, laser
marking/ laser soldering/ welding/ scribing machine, COG mounting/ polarizer
stick machine, lighten testers, phenol& epoxy/ cleaning/ diamond powders, lead
frames, zinc wires, Ag/ conductive pastes, diacores( metal base PCB), diala...

Joyin Co., Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

(1) various production& test equipment for ceramic electronic
component, automatic lead wire forming/ assembling&
soldering machine and automatic taped power coating machine.
(2) electronic ceramic components, ceramic powder formulas,
varistor( MOV), NTC thermistor& electronic ceramic equipment,
passive electronic components, JVR, JNR, MOV, protection
device, temperature adjustment.

Thinking Electronic Inudustrial Co., Ltd : NTC Thermistors

electronic & electrical components- (1) NTC thermistor- power thermistor, high temperature measurement. (2) CPTC thermistor and PPTC thermistor. (3) metal oxide varistors. (4) temperature sensor- air conditioner. (5) humidity sensor. (6) gas discharge tubes.

Sen Tech Co., Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

electronic components- NTC Thermistors, ceramic, sensor devices, photoconductive cells, ZnO varistors, negative temperature coefficient thermistors, temperature sensing thermistor, photoconductive cells, SMD LED, thermistor, LED lamps.

Uppermost Electronic Industries Co., Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

electronic components, thermistor devices- PTC
thermistors( positive temperature coefficient thermistors),
NTC electronic ceramics, NTC thermometers,
NTC power protection/ protector, NTC disk thermistor,
NTC power thermistor, NTC resistor, NTC thermistor sensors,
NTC Acu-Chip thermistor, NTCR.

Thinking Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

(1) NTC thermistor- surge current suppressor, temperature compensation,
temperature sensor( glass encapsulated type, probe type, bead type,
lead frame type).
(2) varistor- to absorb surge voltage, to avoid from thunder shocking
( lightning).
(3) SMD type NTC thermistor.

Honey Hope Honesty Enterprise Co., Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

electronic components- ceramic capacitors, NTC thermistors, ferrite chip beads, chip EMI beads, chip inductors, ferrite chip beads, wound chip inductor.

Synton-Tech Corporation : NTC Thermistors

electronic components & parts- low OHM chip resistors, fixed high voltage resistors, resistor network, chip networks, variable wire wound power resistors, aluminum power resistors, cement power resistors, low value wire resistors, carbon film fixed resistors, metal film fixed resistors, metal oxide film resistors, wire wound resistors, NTC PTC ( thermistors), power wire wound resistors, chip capacitors, chip beads, chip inductors, fusible resistor, resistor manufacturer, SMD resistors, non-inductive resis...

Yuechung International Corp. : NTC Thermistors

semiconductor products including regulators, transistors, MOSFET, audio& video/ linear/
EPROM/ flash/ IC, electronic components for PC monitors, ceramic resonators/ filters/
traps, discriminators, PTC/ NTC thermistors.

E Way Technology Co., Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

SMD NTC/ disc thermistors, electronic, electric, MLCC, chip resistors, NTC power thermistors, ZnO varistors, chip sets/ resistors/ capacitors, condensers.

Joyin Corporation, Ltd. : NTC Thermistors

electronic components including various ceramic powder formulas, ceramic components,
silvered discs/ varistors parts& components, NTC thermistors, MLCC& AC capacitors.


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