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Geotextile Manufacturers

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National Applied Material Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

Manufacturer of plastic materials & films, products include (1) packaging materials, plastic sheets, food packaging material, vacuum packaging material. (2) extrusion line sheets- PP, PET, PLA, HIPS, ABS sheets, acrylonitrile, PS sheets, PVC sheets, (3) HDPE & LDPE products, PEVA adhesive plasters, PVC flexible plastic cloths, epoxy resin extrusions. (4) blister packaging materials.

Nantong Lianrong Group Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

PP woven bag, PP woven bags, flexible intermediate bulk containers, polypropylene woven bags, geotextiles.

Lien Cheng Envrironment Technology Inc. : Geotextile Manufacturers

(1) packaging materials- PP woven fabric rolls, onion bags. (2) construction fabric & materials, flat yarn extrusion line. (3) plastic wood composite extruding products- circular looms, circular loom, corner stripes, carring stripes, window beams, door frames, parquets, fences, paddles, art boards, furniture, woven wood & Venetian blinds, mirror frames, picture & window frames, staircases, floor panels, curtain racks, decorative ( decoration) strips, skirting boards, ground covers. (4) geo synthetic product...

Shandong Taifeng Geosynthetics Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

geotextiles, geomembrane liners, composite geomembrane, geogrids ( Uniaxial & Biaxial), geocells, geonets, geomat

Hunan Nonwoven Limited. : Geotextile Manufacturers

nonwovens, PET filamemt sintered geotextiles, reinforcements for roofing membrane, geotextiles, composite eomembrane, substrates for floor leather, Nonwoven products.

Shandong Taishan Building Materials Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

geosynthetics, geogrids, nonwoven geotextiles, composite geomembranes, impermeable soil HDPE, EVA samples, the impervious reinforced waterproof material.

Hun-Kun Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

(1) agricultural, farming & horticultural textile- Leno weaving shading nets, plain weaving shading nets, knitting shading nets, wind-breaking nets, weed control mats, insect screens, Hun Kun band (fixed tape), PET wire, plastic nets, plain weavings, knitting shading nets, wind breaking nets, weed control mats and insect screens, sun shade ( sunshade), double-layer nets, mesh fixed nets, plastic staples, strips, meshing nets, gardening utensils, functional shading nets, wind-breaking nets, weed control mats...

Shandong Feicheng lianyi Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

engineering plastics, fiberglass, terylene geogrids, one-direction plastic geogrids, double-direction plastic geogrids, new style 3D geonet patches, high strength geonets, geocell, engineering fibers, geotextile, compound geomembranes.

Tanan Lufeng Goesyntetics Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

geosynthetics, polypropylene filaments, polypropylene monofilaments, polyester fibers, uniaxial geogrids, biaxil geogrids, geotextiles, geogrids.

Taian City Taishanshen Geosynthetic Material Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

geosynthetics, uniaxial geogrids, biaxial geogrids, geosynthetic clay liners, polyester geogrids, eron control mats, fiber glass geotextiles, woven geotextiles, geocells, geomembranes.

Gold-Joint Industry Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

plastic products, geogrid & agriculture & construction nets,
geotextiles, pe nets including shading-nets, and screen netting for
agricultural purposes, etc.

Firmpack (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

geotextile, circular woven bags, container bags, mesh bags, laminated bags, slide-proof bags, wide plaited cloth, anti-ageing engineering cloth, tarpaulin, color strip cloth, aluminium film, aluminium plastic, woven belt

Jiangsu Yizheng Nonwoven Factory : Geotextile Manufacturers

geotextile fabric, filament geotextiles, filament singeing geotextiles, filament compound geotextile covers, HDPE geotextile covers.

Chien Chun Fiber Industrial Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

filter mediumnonwover of activated cabon for industry:3mm∼25mm, needle punch
fabrics:0.8mm∼3.0mm, nonwoven reforcement of the shoe:0.8mm∼1.5mm, activated cabon shoes pad:23mm~29mm,
geotextile, activated cabon mask, activated cabon shees pad.

Jenq Long Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. : Geotextile Manufacturers

plastic nets & textile applied in agriculture- shading/ anti insect & bird/ windbreak/ weed control/ window-screen nets, geotextiles, substitute for spool of silk.


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