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Feed Additives

There are 30 manufacturers in this Feed Additives category, the follows are 1 - 20 [Page 1]:
Listings of Feed Additives Manufacturers & Feed Additives Suppliers

Genchem Biotechnology Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

aquaculture supplies, animal medicine, chemical feed additives- (1) micro encapsulated feed, micro-particle feeds, brine shrimp flakes, water quality improved products, vitamins, enzyme & trace minerals, disinfectant and antiseptic, therapeutic drugs. (2) pet care products & supply- combatizer, biostamin, cestolin, biogen tab, eggbon, tms 60, vitapet, quit bleed, aquarium fish foods ,ornamental fish foods. (3) veterinary preparation- gentamino liq. (4) enzyme, trace minerals, nursery micro, encapsulated lar...

Hai Feng Feeds Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

Manufacturer of aquarium fish food, aquatic plants, power heads, aquarium filters, fish tanks, tank decorations, aquarium lights, ornamental fish foods, aquarium accessory, tropical fish feeds, pet equipments, immunity excel foods, color enhancer food, fish flakes, fast color food, sticky tablets, red parrot foods, gold fish food, quick grow flake food, bright color flake food, turtle food, active carbon cartridges, zeolite, ceramic rings, bio balls, artificial coral sets, background rock plates, artificial...

Fibersil Che Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

We provide industrial textile & leather chemicals, textile auxiliary, silicone antifoam, amino & epoxy & high polymer silicone, soil resisting & anti flaming agents, preparing & finishing chemicals, dyeing & printing chemicals, softening & lubricating & souring agents, wetting & raising agents, water oil repellent agents, emulsifiers, hydrophilic amino & epoxy silicone, leather finishing & machine clearing agents, fixing & chelated dispersing agents, dispersing & dissolution agents, dispersing leveling agen...

Continent Biotech : Feed Additives

microbial feed additive powders, feed additives, microbial feed additive liquids, KDNmannases, KDNzyme liquids, probio-aquatic liquids, direct fed microbials, nano-grade liquid vitamin mixes, water quality improvers, feed raw materials, industrial enzymes, fertilizers.

Nanjing Qida International Trading Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, pharmaceutical, herbicide, insecticide, plant growth regulator, sorbic acid.

Nanjing Qida International Trading Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, agrochemicals and their intermediates, chemical products, pharmaceutical products, veterinary medicines, plant growth regulators, insecticides, herbicides.

Suzhou Sinosun Imp. & Exp. Corporation : Feed Additives

feed additives, food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, industrial chemicals, pesticides, plant growth regulators, fungicides, electronic chemicals, customs manufacturing, custom synthesis.

Beijing Sunpu Biochemical & Technology Limited Company : Feed Additives

feed additive, cosmetic additive, animal care, allantion, comprehensive test kits.

Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, products for particular kind animal, veterinary medicine bulk drugs, disinfectors, products for fowls, products for pigs, homemade vaccines, biological products for animal use, raw material drugs for animal uses.

Shandong Provincial Huayuan Economic And Trade Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, veterinary drugs, gelatins, chitosans, pharmaceutical intermediates, ferrous sulphates, magnesium sulphates, ceramic balls, activated carbons, EDTA, gelatins, vitamins, animal drugs, bone glues, calcium propionate and hydrolyzed animal proteins.

Guangxi Wuxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

industrial chemical products- 1. feed additives: manganese sulphate, copper sulfate, calcium iodate thinner, zinc sulphate, ferrous sulphate, cobalt sulfate thinner, magnesium sulphate, sodium selenite thinner, calcium iodate, methionine zinc, sodium sulphate, L-lysine iron, zinc oxide, cobalt chloride, sodium selenit. 2. chemical for coal: sodium carbonate, coal tar, urea, ammonium chloride, polyethylene, coke. 3. chemical for paper: corrugated boards, hydrogen peroxide, wood pulp, bleached bagasse, tapioc...

Tianyu Feed Additive Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, veterinary pharmaceuticals, yeast powders, choline chlorides, feed additives, improved enzymed probiotics for aquiculture.

Cangzhou Dafeng Feed Additive Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, choline chlorides, betaines, ethoxy quinolines, yeast powders.

Shanghai Lvyuan Fine Chemical Plant : Feed Additives

chemicals products- chromium picolinate, chromium polynicotinate, chromium methionine, chromium glycine, feed additives, chromium gluconate, L/DL-magnesium aspartate, Zinc Methionine, Cuprous sulfate, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium phosphate monobasic dihydrate, Calcium Aspartate, Bismuth Subcarbonate, Potassium periodate, Ferrous Methionine, Copper Methionine, Copper Gluconate, Copper Picolinate, Copper Lysine complex, Copper Glycine, Sodium Periodate, Selenomethionine, L/D-Camphor-10-Sulfonic Acid, Selenious Ac...

Kaiyuan Hengtai Fine Chemicals Factory : Feed Additives

feed additive, amino acids, alpha-ketoamino acids, vitamins, nutrition supplements, APIs.

Kingstone Industrial Group Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, citric acid, sodium citrate, chrome oxide green, zinc chloride, zinc oxide, petroleum resin, phenolic resin, lithopone, titanium dioxide, electrolytic manganese.

Shanghai Zhaoxiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, herb extract, premix feed.

Singao Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, calcium butyrate, calcium formate, acid-su, cal-su.

Zhongshan Bigger Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, multi-function biologic acidify milk powder replacement, acidified whey powder, high protein acidified milk powder replacement, high fat milk powder replacement.

Gremount International Co., Ltd. : Feed Additives

feed additives, food additives, herb extracts, chemicals, amino acids, miscellaneous.


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