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There are 44 manufacturers in this Butterfly Valves category, the follows are 21 - 40 [Page 2]:
Listings of Butterfly Valves Manufacturers & Butterfly Valves Suppliers

Aurora Metal Corp. : Butterfly Valves

Manufacturer of industry hardware, valve stem, valves, ball valves, stainless valve, casting parts, brass valve, automated ball valve, gate & check valve, 2 way & 3 way valves, needle & globe valve, high pressure ball valve, butterfly valve, solenoid valve, actuator, Y strainer, gaseous fitting, pipe fitting, carbon steel valve, shutoff valve, stainless steel valves, valve accessory.

Ben Lions Industrial Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

stainless steel valve parts, ball valves, check valves, butterfly valves, fittings, flanges, machine hardware and precise spare parts, precision investment casting products.

Pai Feng Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

1. Butterfly valves 6"~128"
2. Check valves 8"~48"
3. Dual plate wafer style check valves 8"~32"
4. Gate valves 2"~48"
5. Air release valves 1"~16"
6. Cone valves 20"~88"
7. Flap valves 6"~96"
8. Sluice gate 6"*6"~120"x120"

Sinmag Fitting Corporation : Butterfly Valves

hardware products- butterfly valves, vacuum & relief valves, clamp fittings, actuators, sight glass, rotary spray balls, bevel seat fittings, pipe hangers, clamp heavy duty clamp, check valves, ball valves, sanitary butt weld fittings, hose adaptor, SMS DIN RJT union, specialty alloy forging ( forged ) and steel casting products, stainless steel food pipe fittings, ferrules, solid end caps, clamps, elbows, tees, crosses, steel balls, reducers, nuts, sample valves.

Shiung Jiun Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

industrial ( industry) hardware supply ( supplies)- valves, seat valves, tank valves, filling valves, diaphragm valves, actuators, butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves, crosses, bonds, pressure gauge, relief valves, tees, clamps, ferrules, unions, reducers, bends.

Dingten Industrial Inc. : Butterfly Valves

industrial ( industry) hardware supply ( supplies)- hygienic fluid control valves, sanitary stainless steel fittings, butterfly valves, plug valves, pipes and pumps.

Sekisui Industrial Piping Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

Sanking Product Lines:

1. Standard Port Ball Valve NSF approved, PVC, 1/2" - 4".

2. Standard Port Ball Valve, PVC, 1/2" - 4".

3. Ball Valve, NSF approved, CPVC, 1/2" - 1".

4. True Union Ball Valve, PVC/CPVC, 1/2" - 4".

5. Single Union Ball Valve, PVC, 1/2" - 2".

6. Single Union Check Valve, PVC, 1/2" - 2".

7. Butterfly Valve (Lever Type), PVC, 2" - 8&quo...

Jumpanny Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

industrial ( industry) hardware supply- clear PVC pipes, PVC & CPVC SCH 80 pipes and fittings, clean PVC pipe and fittings, ball valves, TURE union ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves, in line check valves, new check valves, swing check valves, ball check valves, UPVC, compression couplings, foot valves, electric actuator valves, pneumatic actuator valves, Y strainers, standard port ball valves, two piece ball valves, coupling, elbows, tees, male & female adapters ( adaptors).

Hershey Valve Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

various fittings, check valves, moulded in place ball valves, union ball valves, diaphragm / butterfly valve, compression coupling, flanges, van stone flanges, rubber gaskets

Shidar Instrument Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

industrial valve, ball valve, PVC fitting- motorized ball valves, steam valves, butterfly valves, plastic valve, PVC ball valves, 3 way ball valves, actuated ball valves, 2 way ball valves, actuators, solenoid, shutoff valves, globe valves, gas valves, sanitary, valves parts & components, y strainers, pipe fittings, quick coupling, sanitary products.

New Peitai Machinery Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

plumbing including screw valves, diverter valves, ball valves,
gate valves, flange valves, strainers, control valves, butterfly valves,
air vent valves, solenoid valves, traps, separators, investment casting valves,
swiches, regulators, gauges, flowmeters, rotameters, reducing valves,
safety valves, check valves, bellows valves, jacket valves, bottom tank valves,
positioners, joints, globe valves, silencers, foot valves, needle valves,
diaphragm valves, porc...

Fortune Mfg. Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

hardware products- (1) ball valves- forged brass ball valves (with drainage), forged brass gas ball valves, stainless steel and carbon steel ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, bronze ball valves, bronze union ball valves (with drainage), 3-PC bronze ball valves. (2) cast steel valves- OS & Y gate valves, globe valves, check valves. (3) forged steel valves- forged steel OS & Y gate valves, forged steel globe valves, forged steel swing check valves. (4) cast iron & bronze valves- cast iron NRS gate val...

Astam Valve Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

We have specialized design and manufacturing of all kinds of steel ( metal) valves includes check and butterfly valves, indicator and resilient soft seated gate valves, ring stem flanged (butt welding) & rising stem flange gate valve, dual plate and single door wafer check valves, globe & gate valve, flange and threaded ball valves, flange and threaded swing check valves, forged steel and bronze check valve, Y- stainers, expansion jonts, carbon steel and so forth.

Yow Renn Machine Parts Industrial Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

plumbing parts & hardware- plastic valve, plastic hose, ball valves, pvc ball valve, plastic ball valves, foot valve, diaphragm valves, butterfly valves, check valve, TS flange, union, Y strainer, molds/ moulds design, designer & making, liquidlevel control switch.

Ningbo Accel Irrigation Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

hardware products- (1) PVC valves- ball valves, foot valves, spring check valves, unions, compression couplings, TS flanges, butterfly valves, reducing tees, faucets, PVC elbows, floor drains, PPR ball valves, single union ball valves, union ball check valves. (2) sprinklers- impulse sprinklers, plastic sprinklers, garden copper sprinklers, metal sprinklers. (3) hand tools ( handtools), spray guns- plastic spray guns, zinc-alloy nozzles, spray gun sets, automatic wash bush sets.

Modentic Ind. Corp. : Butterfly Valves

ball valves supply ( supplies)- fire safe & metal seated ball valves, high purity tube bore forged & cast ball valves, stainless steel screwed ball valves, floating & flanged ball valves, trunnion mounted ( mount) flanged ball valves, direct mounted ( mount) ball valves, pneumatic ( air) automation butterfly & ball valves, electric ( electrical, electronic) automation butterfly & ball valves, high pressure & V flow ( V-flow) ball valves, special alloy & Taiwan ball valves, gate & check valves, strainers, ne...

Yzng Trong International Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

We have been engaged in manufacturer of ball valve for over 16 yaears. Our main products are various industrial valve- ball valves, 1PCS, 2PCS & 3PCS ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, high pressure ball valve, sanitary valve, butterfly valves, SS ball valve.

Chun Yuan Valve Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

plumbing hardwares including ball/ gate/ globe/ swing check/ jacket ball/ Y-strainer/
diaphragm, cylinder- type control/ butterfly/ pressure reducing/ safety/ globe valves,
sight glasses, bellows seals.

J. L. Industrial Co., Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

sanitary ball/ butterfly valves, clamp end connections, clamps.

Jun Enterprises Corporation Ltd. : Butterfly Valves

hardwares, valves/ flangs/ strainers fittings including ball valves,
butterfly valves, globe & check valves, gate & needle valves,
and sanitary wares, etc.


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