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There are 83 manufacturers in this Solenoid Valves category, the follows are 41 - 60 [Page 3]:
Listings of Solenoid Valves Manufacturers & Solenoid Valves Suppliers

Golden Star Technology Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

(1) field & sensor- level, pressure sensor, high pressure sensor temperature, flow meter, helicoidal & ultrasonic flow meters, density meter, viscosity, mass, specific gravity, universal programmable transmitter (2) monitoring & controller- indicator, recorder, totallizer.(3) computer field control element- flow control valve, solenoid valve, regulator, reducing valve, others, heating tracing, safety valve.(4) boiler watching system- on-line boiler tube/ tubing leakage detector system, on line boiler furnac...

Deng Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

electrical appliances, RO ( reverse osmosis) water system- RO water purifiers, hot & cold water dispensers, water system filtration, RO pumps, UV sterilization units, pressure water tanks, RO membranes, RO stainless housings. (2) carbon filters, acid & alkali filters, bio ceramic filters, resin filters, active carbon filters. (3) water purifier parts- low pressure switches, automatic flush valves, solenoid valves, water quality electrolyzers, pressure meters, drain valves, self piercing saddle valves, autom...

Chiu Jenn Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

die & molds, brass forging & aluminum alloy parts- (1) house hardware, bathroom accessory ( accessories), air hydraulic press control valves and parts, copper accessory, gas furnace parts. (2) air conditioner parts and frozen valves, solenoid valves, globe valves, Y valves, cylinder valves, needle valves, LP gas safety valves.

Coolpex Enterprises Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

Manufacture of (1) commercial/ home water purifiers, RO systems, shower filters, RO dispensers and housings, drinking water purifiers, water purifier sterilizers, RO membrane housings, UV water purifiers. (2) RO accessories- cartridge filters, water purifier filters, wrenches and clips, accurate filters, tanks, faucets, water connectors, check valves, adapters, pressure switches, TDS meters, flow restrictors, UV lamp sets, quick fittings, demo kits, brackets, booster pumps, solenoid valves, pressure gauges,...

Aqua Care Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

Manufacturer of industrial & residential RO systems, water purifiers, RO water filters, dispensers, housings, faucets, RO parts, TDS meters, solenoids, tubes, RO installation accessories, ball valves, brass valves, drains, feed water adapters, flow restrictors, manual flushing valves, high & low pressure quick connecters, pumps, shutoff quick connections, saddle valve, check valves, counter top type & under sink type of RO systems, double big blue filtrations, triple pods filtrations, RO tanks, ultraviolet ...

Tadom Do Industrial Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

electronic/ electrical products including electrical appliances, parts&
componenets, compressors, microwave oven electric timers, drain hoses,
frostmal timers, drier filters, electric program controllers, defrosting
solenoid valves, etc.

Shih Shin Technology Co, Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

Manufacturer of AC/DC solenoids, including open frame solenoids, push-pull solenoids, ac laminated solenoids, electromagnet, tubular solenoids, rotary solenoids, massage solenoids, patent certified solenoids, keep solenoids, air solenoid valves, flapper solenoids, custom design solenoids.

T-ONE-S TRADING INC : Solenoid Valves

hardwares including safety relief/ ball/ iron/ solenoid valves, reducing valve& strainers,
bronze& brass, investment castings, pipes/ tubes fittings, flanges, boiler parts, steam
accessories, etc.

Atlas Metal Corp. : Solenoid Valves

industrial pipe fittings & systems, hardware products- (1) carbon stainless steel butt weld (welding) fittings. (2) clean pipe fittings- elbows. (3) stainless grooved fittings- 45d elbows, EQ & reducing tees, reducers, caps, coupling, 90D and 45D elbows. (4) piping- flanges, forged, casting, quick couplings expansion bellow joints flexible hoses. (5) hardware pipes- butt weld & clamping pipes, grooved pipes, water meters, multiple branches. (6) valves- ball valves, pressure reducing & relief valves, solenoi...

SMC Pneumatics (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

solenoid valves, process valves, power valves, silencers, all air systems( air filters, pressure
control equipment, pressure gauge guides, lubrication equipment, fittings), air preparation equipment( aftercoolers,
air dryers, filers), detection switches, standard air/ combination/ specialty cylinders, rotary actuators,
air grippers, vacuum equipment( vacuum units/ ejectors/ pads, air suction filters), flow control equipment
( speed controllers, metering valve with silencers, ...

Aurora Metal Corp. : Solenoid Valves

Manufacturer of industry hardware, valve stem, valves, ball valves, stainless valve, casting parts, brass valve, automated ball valve, gate & check valve, 2 way & 3 way valves, needle & globe valve, high pressure ball valve, butterfly valve, solenoid valve, actuator, Y strainer, gaseous fitting, pipe fitting, carbon steel valve, shutoff valve, stainless steel valves, valve accessory.

Neuma Precision Inc. : Solenoid Valves

air control valve, single& double solenoid, single/ double air pilot
namur adapter, pneumatic valve, manual valve, quick exhaust valve,
air line service unit modular.

Core Rock Inc. : Solenoid Valves

products including automation electronic connectons, coupling relays, cabling arrangement for automation, slenoid connectors,
light gasket with led indication& interferences, seneor actuator valve- connection, cable adapter for solenoid valves, pneumatic
control cylinders/ reeds/ electronic switches.

Kaiyuan Pneumatic Engineering Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

(1) air source treatment units- air filters, relief-pressure valves, oil sprayers, filter relief-pressure valves, automatic drainers, pressure controllers. (2) hardware, control elements- pneumatic solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, electrical control change valves, mini solenoid valves, guiding solenoid valves, integral change valves, two-position & two-port solenoid valves, mechanical valves, one-way bafflers, hand-draw valves, turn valves, foot valves & coils. (3) execution elements- aluminum alloy & sta...

Join Brass Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

hardware products, valve, ball valves (1) connectors & joints- brass connectors, steel connectors, stainless steel joints, high pressure Teflon pipe chucks, high pressure welding fittings, high pressure pipe chucks, hose fittings, male connectors, male hose elbows, male hose bit fitting, fast SUS fittings, split connectors, titanium joints. (2) valves- check valves, ball valves, high pressure pipe chucks, needle valves, non return valves, industrial valves, actuators, sanitary valves, solenoid valves, shuto...

Apex Controls Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

hardware- instrumentation valve, instrumentation valves- (1) industrial ball valves- stainless steel one & two & three piece, sanitary, flange ( flanged), multi port, high cycle, hygienic, actuated direct mount. (2) other valves- instrumentation valve, instrumentation valves, compression fitting valves, compression fitting valve, tube valves, tube valve, sampling & gate & globe, check, strainer, high pressure needles, solenoid & shut off, tube valve, tube valves. (3) fittings- aluminium ( aluminum) pneumati...

Kedsh Industrial Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

established in 1998, we focus on industrial ( industry) hardware, valves ( valve)- ball valves, ball valve, stainless steel ball valves, stainless steel ball valves, flanged ball valves, needle valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, flanged ends safety & relief valves, screwed ends bellow valves, solenoid valves, press reducing valves.

Shidar Instrument Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

industrial valve, ball valve, PVC fitting- motorized ball valves, steam valves, butterfly valves, plastic valve, PVC ball valves, 3 way ball valves, actuated ball valves, 2 way ball valves, actuators, solenoid, shutoff valves, globe valves, gas valves, sanitary, valves parts & components, y strainers, pipe fittings, quick coupling, sanitary products.

New Peitai Machinery Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

plumbing including screw valves, diverter valves, ball valves,
gate valves, flange valves, strainers, control valves, butterfly valves,
air vent valves, solenoid valves, traps, separators, investment casting valves,
swiches, regulators, gauges, flowmeters, rotameters, reducing valves,
safety valves, check valves, bellows valves, jacket valves, bottom tank valves,
positioners, joints, globe valves, silencers, foot valves, needle valves,
diaphragm valves, porc...

Taicin Da-King Co., Ltd. : Solenoid Valves

oil hydraulic equipment & component- vane pumps ( high pressure single pumps) pressure control valves ( remote control valves, pilot operated relief valves), solenoid valve, directional control valves ( solenoid controlled valves 1/4", 3/8", solenoid controlled pilot operated directional control valves) modular stack valves.


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