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Marine Fitting

There are 18 manufacturers in this Marine Fitting category, the follows are 1 - 18 [Page 1]:
Listings of Marine Fitting Manufacturers & Marine Fitting Suppliers

Sheng Chia Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

1. Disc brake seal & brake components parts.
2. Master cylinder diaphragms & rubber boots.
3. Automotive rubber bush.
4. Elevator isolation rubber.
5. Outboard engine pump rubber impellers.
6. Generator parts.
7. Rubber parts bonded with metal material.
8. Rubber parts bonded with plastic material.

Shin Long Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

Manufacturer of die casting products including electronics components, bicycle & motorcycle parts, marine & outboard components, automotive parts, lighting components, industrial & building hardware parts, push botton parts, air compressor & generator parts, heat sink components.

Dongying J-cast Precision Metal Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

Manufacturer of investment casting and machining, carbon steels, stainless steels, low alloy steels, tool steels, ductile iron, and copper steels products, machines parts of pneumatic tools, fluid equipments part, cars accessory, sports equipment components, food machineries parts, textile machinery parts, pipe fittings, marine hardware, lock components, building hardware, stainless steel casts, precision metal castings, OEM parts and so forth.

Hei Full Industrial Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

lost wax investment casting products- pneumatic tool & textile machine parts, automotives ( cars, vehicles, automobiles, auto) parts, marine & boat hardware, food processing machinery & sports ( sporting) facility parts, aerospace & military parts, fluid equipment & industrial machinery parts, pipe fitting & copper, aluminum alloy parts, carbon steel & stainless steel & alloy steel hardware, chemical equipment parts, alloys, precision hardware parts, air drive tools, precision metal stamping parts, precisio...

Re Tu Fa Hardware Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

Manufacturer of lifting hardware & fitting, including stainless steel chains, stainless steel hooks, webbing slings, pulley blocks, lifting clamps, stainless steel coils, stainless steel wire ropes, stainless steel cables, weight lifting hooks, chain blocks, lifting magnets, lever blocks, chain binders, wire rope hand pullers, webbing hand pullers, tow ropes, cargo trolley, lifting & L & steel clamps, beam clamps, magnetic lifting trays, drum lifters.

Shun Ming Trading Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

Specialized in engine spare pares- diesel engine parts, marine engine parts, piston rings & sets, agriculture diesel engine parts, engine pistons, automotive oil seals, valve stem seals, impellers, bearings, con rod bearings, main bearings, engine valves, plunger & delivery valves, thrust washers, valve guides and seats, cylinder heads & liners, gaskets, tachometer, nozzles, valve retainers, valve cotters, oil signals, compound gauges, pressure gauges, marine fittings, bronze marine hardware.

Ningbo Kingsun Anchor Industrial Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

A professional manufacturer of LCD TV wall mount brackets, plasma television mounts, TV ceiling mounts, LCD monitor mount brackets, LCD display brackets and arms, project brackets, LCD monitor arms, pipe clamps, pipe connecting, anchors fasteners, auto safety hammers, hand tools, alcohol stoves, screwdrivers bits, magnetic holders, magnetic sockets, Y type socket wrenches, impact driver, etc.

China Empire Trading Co. : Marine Fitting

marine ropes, lifeboats, rescue boats, partially enclosed lifeboats, open type lifeboats, high speed rescue boats, free fall lifeboats, salvation boats, gravity luffing arm type davits, gravity rolling type davits, free fall lifeboat davits, life rafts, lifejacket light, lifebuoy light, life raft light and lifesaving accessories, spare parts for turbocharger, diesel engine spare parts, sacrificial anodes, marine fittings, mooring ropes, wire ropes, anchors, anchor chain marine hatch cover rubber packing.

Chouwei Precision Co. : Marine Fitting

We specializing in precision machining of metal (stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, etc.) and nonmetal (Teflon, nylon, bakelite, engineering plastics, etc.) parts to provide services for OEM. Our products are widely used and applied in machinery, electronics, transportation, engineering, semi-conductor, automobile, marine, and petro chemical industry.

Jiangyin Haida Rubber & Plastic Group : Marine Fitting

shockproof rubber, rubber products, special rubber, hydrogenised nitrile rubber products, marine rubber products, container rubber and plastic fittings, construction sealing parts, waterproof rubber and plastic fittings, rubber vibration dampers, rail vehicle rubber and plastic fittings, vehicle rubber and plastic fittings, engineering machinery rubber and plastics, expansion joints of highway and bridge, precision rubber parts.

Valmate Industrial Corporation : Marine Fitting

precision investment casting( lost waxprocess) products- ball valves,
gate globe check valves, butterfly valves, camlock quick coupling,
sanitary fitting, stainless steel pipe fitting, castings of industrial
valves, fittings, pumps, flowmeter, propellers, lmpellers, marine,
engine parts, turbine, heat exchanger, furnace, thermocouple parts,
machinery, building, computer parts, housing, pneumatic, hydraulic,
stamping tools parts, automobile, vehicle parts, motorcycle...

Wuxi City Haixiang Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

marine ropes, life vest series, fishing vest series, water sports wears series, lifebuoy series, camouflage paint work life jackets, gangjian clothing, daylight signal balls, ships fittings, rope netted fenders, safety vests.

Dongying Xinghui Precision Metal Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

door hardware, stainless steel marine hardware, construction hardware, ball valves, pipe fittings, rigging hardware, construction hardware, stainless steel anchors, handles.

Castop Precision Casting Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

(1) hardware- marine hardware including shackles, snap shackles,
swivels, and turnbuckles machine parts, hardware accessoris for
automobiles, motorcycles, exercise equipments, and building materials.
(2) machinery, machine parts& equipments including food
processing machinery and accessories,
(3) plumbing including pipe fittings and valves for chemical
(4) various kinds of handtools and their parts.

Qingdao TianHua YiHe Foundry Factory. : Marine Fitting

various mechanical parts- gray iron casting, nodular iron casting ( ductile iron casting), steel casting, investment casting parts, sand casting components, aluminium die cast parts, machinery parts, gratings, pipe fittings, manhole covers and frames, park chairs, decorative bollards, valves, handwheels, counterweight ( counter weight) iron, machine parts, auto parts, railway parts, marine parts, medical equipment parts, various OEM parts, tensile testing machines, sclerometers, .

Chieftain Metals Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

hardwares, industrial tools including stainless steel ball valves & screwed fittings,
investment castings, industrial & mechanical cast components, automotive cast parts,
vehicle & marine cast parts, and various hydraulic valves & pump parts, etc.

Join Brass Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

hardware products, valve, ball valves (1) connectors & joints- brass connectors, steel connectors, stainless steel joints, high pressure Teflon pipe chucks, high pressure welding fittings, high pressure pipe chucks, hose fittings, male connectors, male hose elbows, male hose bit fitting, fast SUS fittings, split connectors, titanium joints. (2) valves- check valves, ball valves, high pressure pipe chucks, needle valves, non return valves, industrial valves, actuators, sanitary valves, solenoid valves, shuto...

Bai Feng Co., Ltd. : Marine Fitting

industry ( industrial) hardware supply ( supplies)- brass fittings, pipe fittings, compression tube fittings, pneumatic and hydraulic components, even marine application. oil-pressure valves, tubing clamps.


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