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Electrode Manufacturers

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BOD Weld-Cut Industry Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

Manufacturer of welding equipments, measurement & calibration- welding & cutting kits, welding torches, welding helmets, cutting torches, heating torches, heating tips, reverse flow check valves, flashback arrestors, "Y" connection, gas burners, cutting tips, balloon regulators & gauges, medical regulators, flowmeter regulators, gas savers & regulators, welding accessories, electrode holders, earth clamps, air-split shut off valves, gas meters, gas regulators, cylinder valves, regulator connectors...

Ocean Techologies Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

Manufacturer of EDM machines & parts, including (1) drilling EDM- wire EDM, CNC EDM, ZNC/ NC/ PNC drilling EDM, portable drilling electric discharge machine, micro EDM. (2) EDM parts & accessories- ceramic guide, electrode tube and spare parts.

Home Care Technology Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

Manufacture of health care products include (1) electrotherapy accessories- self adhering electrode, electrode jelly, ultrasound gel, electrode & tens wires, health mattress. (2) tens unit & ten electrode- wireless tens unit, facial care stimulator, electric massager, electrode tens unit, electric therapy stimulator, muscle exerciser, and slimming stimulator. (3) hot & cold therapy- electric moist heat pack, moist heat pack, hot and cold therapy electric moist heating pad. (4) digital memory peak flow meter...

Upking-kurimoto Industrial Corp. : Electrode Manufacturers

Manufacturer of wear plates, up plates, wear resistant plate, dual plates, iron plates, compound plates, wear resistant compound plates, clad plates, compound steel plates, as well as the hard facing technology.

Da Jie Electricity Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

Our product series include (1) welding machine- air pressure automatic spot welding machine, air hydraulic flash butt welding machine, air hydraulic pressure automatic seam welder, automatic burning welder machine, fully-automatic coil winding machine, inverter spot welding machine, condenser welding machine, multi-spot welding machine. (2) heating upsetter- electrical heating upsetter, electrical-resistance heater for hot metal forming, shank heating upsetting machine. (3) welding electrode and material- c...

GeniRay Technology Corp. : Electrode Manufacturers

Our products including (1) engineering laser welded steel endless belts- plain belts, perforated belts, drive tapes, special steel belts, stainless steel belts. (2) OLED fine mask- small size OLED mask, small & large size open mask. (3) laser plastic welding- laser transmission welding, weld seam design, contour welding, simultaneous welding, quasi-simultaneous welding, mask welding, globo welding. (4) laser micromachining- spot welding for evaporation mask, seam welding for transmission belt, fine wire but...

Changzhou Xiuben International Trade Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

tungsten electrode, welding wire, welding helmet, mig ( mag) welding torch, mig ( mag) contact tip holder, mig ( mag swan neck, tig torch, tig gaslens.

Weifang Beida Jade Bird Huaguang Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

lithium ion batteries、positive electrode materials、VoIP gateway、office automation systems

Xiamen Industrial Trade Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

chinese silicon metal, electrode graphite powers, ferro silicon, silicon manganese, ferro manganese, electrolytic manganese

Chemarea Water Technologies Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

activated carbon filter, membranes systems, multi-media filter, maganese greensand filter, cartridge filter, ion exchanger, electrodeionization(EDI).

Beijing Favor Technology Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

external antennas, contact switches, proximity switches, magnetic reed relays, sensors, nickel electrode capacitances, inductances, ferrite beads, ceramic substrates, crystal oscillators, varistors, tantalum capacitors, electrolytic capacitors, organic polymer capacitors, FCI connectors, LED lights, wieson connector parts, GPS antennas, HDMI digital televisions, cables, SD cassettes.

Shanghai Shenfeng Medical & Health Articles Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

surgical tapes, microporous surgical tape, the disposable ECG/EKG electrode, non woven (nonwoven) disposable ECG electrodes, disposable neutral electrode, medical ultrasound gel.

North ( Nanjing) Instrument Technology Industries Group : Electrode Manufacturers

dental instruments, telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, loupes, microscopes, levels, theodolites, compasses, night vision equipment, night vision equipment accessories, welding electrodes, welding wires, welding machines, pliers, cutter, hammer, wrench, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, resistance alloy, precision alloy, nickel-chrome alloy, nickel-chrome-aluminum alloy.

Fly(ShenZhen) Medical Electronic Tech. Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

medical cable assembly- Spo2 sensors, Spo2 adapter & extension cables, finger sensors, ECG patient monitor cable and leadwires, electrocardiograph cable and lead wires, electrodes, ECG holter cables and leadwire, EPG lead wire, temperature probes, injury blood-pressure sensor and extension cable, IBP cables, non injury Blood-pressure ( NIBP) cuff and extension tubes, OEM & ODM service.

Sun-Glare Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

spiral bevel gears, water cooled cable, electrode arms, electrode calmp, ladle cars, dummy bars.

Conlin Medical Supply Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

TENS electrode, electrosurgical grounding pads, electrosurgical and ECG electrodes, medical cables, ultrasonic gel.

Top-rank Health Care Equipment Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

Medical & Health Care products- TENS/EMS electrodes, SKIN electrodes, ECG electrodes, EKG electrodes, adhesive electrodes, TENS/EMS units lead wire, electrode conductivity gel, pigtail wire.

Dalian Shungji Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

carbon fiber products, graphite electrodes, speciality graphite materials and products, gouging carbon rods, artificial graphite powder / scrap, activated carbon.

Jijin Carborn Import And Export Company : Electrode Manufacturers

carbon fiber, electrode, graphite anode block, carbon block, graphite block.

Beijing Karaltay Scientific Trading Co., Ltd. : Electrode Manufacturers

analytical machinery equipment- (1) electrical chemical instruments- PH meters, conductivity meter, electrodes, potentiometric titrators. (2) laboratory instruments- refractometers, glossmeters, vibrators with sieve. (3) pharmaceutical instruments- dissolution testers, disintegration testing devices, tablet press machines, capsule filling machines. (4) others- spectrophotometers, medical apparatuses, surgical instruments, physical therapy and recovery apparatuses, instruments for orthopaedics, medical elect...


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