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Dental Instrument

There are 17 manufacturers in this Dental Instrument category, the follows are 1 - 17 [Page 1]:
Listings of Dental Instrument Manufacturers & Dental Instrument Suppliers

C & TS Safety-Health Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

Manufacturer of chemical gloves, chemical protective suits, escape & buffers, jacklights, fireproof gloves, instruments, reflectors, N95 dust masks, active carbon particulate respirator, safety shoes, safety glasses, leather sleeve, leather aprons, earmuffs, helmets, lining, clean papers, protective bands, body protector, respirators, dual thermometers, PC re view mirrors, light meters, tester, etc.

Tianjin Jie Zhong International Trade Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

medical supplies- surgical tape, surgical mask, gauze, cotton, bandages, disposable medical apparatus, disposable syringe, anaesthesia mask, nasal qxygen cannula, medical tubes, disposable linear stapler, medical instruments, X-RAY cassette, intensify screen, X-ray Unit for mammography, x-ray shielding lead glass, lead apron set, intervenient gloves, side protective glasses, Oxygen concentration, transport incubator, infant phototherapy units, Electronic temperature, wheelchairs, surgical dressings, dental ...

A.R. Medicom Asia Ltd. : Dental Instrument

1. dental & medical & veterinary products- bouffant caps, fluid impervious gowns, isolation gowns, shoe covers, all-gauze sponges, dental dams, dental instruments, tongue depressors, dental bibs, disinfectants, examination table papers, non-woven head rest covers, dental tray covers, disposable cups, drape sheets sterile, HVE suction tips, saliva ejectors, fluoride varnish, nitrile examination gloves ( powder-free, non-sterile), hand sanitizers, earloop masks, chlorhexidine gluconate oral rinse, neutral sod...

North ( Nanjing) Instrument Technology Industries Group : Dental Instrument

dental instruments, telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, loupes, microscopes, levels, theodolites, compasses, night vision equipment, night vision equipment accessories, welding electrodes, welding wires, welding machines, pliers, cutter, hammer, wrench, bolts, nuts, screws, washers, resistance alloy, precision alloy, nickel-chrome alloy, nickel-chrome-aluminum alloy.

Guangzhou Bihaosi Dental Instruments Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

dental instruments, micromotor series, dental handpieces, acrylic teeth, tooth acrylic resin series, denture base material series, dental lab products, articulator, flask, compressor, casting machines, dental therapy unit fittings, orthodentic products.

Best Dent Equipment Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

dental instruments & equipments- (1) dental units- computer controlled integral dental devices. (2) protable dental tool sets- dental treatment apparatus, dentistry treatment machine. (3) silent oilless air compressors, oilless air compressor motor. (4) autoclaves, sterilizers. (5) others- ultrasonic cleaners & scalers, handpiece rinsing devices, dental handpieces, fibre optic high speed handpiece, intra-oral camara, microprocessor-controlled dental X-RAY imaging units, dental X-Ray film processors, distill...

Chengdu Yafei Trading Company : Dental Instrument

dental instruments, ivoclar progrmatxi with vaccum pump, chromascop shade guide, ips shade v assottmet, helioseal refill, skyce intro package.

Watson Advanced Technology : Dental Instrument

dental instruments, dental unit, bur, dental orthodontic products, dental lab Instruments, scalers, X-ray system, surgical instruments, filling materials, bleaching materials, intraoral camera, dental products, dental consumable materials.

Tianjin Jie Zhong International Trade Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

cotton balls, absorbent cotton rolls, cotton pads, dental cotton, cotton strips, zig zag cotton, silk tapes, wound plasters, zinc oxide adhesive plasters, nurse suits, patient suits, face masks, latex surgical gloves, hospital equipments, hospital furniture, medical instruments, surgical blades, stitch cutters.

Launch Machinery Works Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

(1) plastic injection molding machine, moulding machines, plastic injection molder, plastic injection machine ( PIMM ), plastic injection machinery installation. (2) private label cosmetic container, make up containers, contract cosmetic container manufacturing, container cosmetic packaging/ packing, lipstick container molds/ moulds design, designer & making. (3) electronic parts, electrical/ electric components- miniature current breaker, circuit breaker. (4) sports/ sporting goods- badminton rackets/ racq...

Alltion (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

optical instruments & products- biological microscopes, digital stereo microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, industrial microscopes, surgery operating microscopes, dental and ENT operating microscopes, ophthalmic operating microscopes, colposcopes, medical scopes, optical lenses and components, microscope accessory ( accessories).

Lee Pin Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

medical, dental equipments ( instruments) & accessory ( accessories)- (1) dental operating light (lights, lightings) sets, dental light head sets & reflectors. (2) foot control products. (3) vacuum products- vacuum control valves, plastic lever aluminum ( aluminium) adapter shorts. (3) syringe & tips- painted marks, quick change laser marks, syringe tips. (4) dental accessory- water bottles. (5) dental ( doctor) handpiece ( hand piece) products- holes handpiece tubings.

Hung Kuo Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd. : Dental Instrument

Supplier of medical & surgical equipment- dental implant system, endopore implants, oral implants, GBR & GTR material, dental materials, commission & equipment, mini bone screws, dental motors, bone graft material, distractor, titanium meshes, membranes, PRF ( VPRF) & PRP technique, sinus lift, expanding chisels, osteotome, sutures, burs, intra lock, MDL, MILO, train course, internal connection, dental resins, miscellaneous dental golds & alloys, gypsum products, dental waxes, impression materials, restorat...

Star Corporation, Ltd. : Dental Instrument

medical& dental instruments including chair mounted units, stain removers, autoclaves,
UV- storages, versatile comforts.

Wechn National Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

medicine&medical instruments& appliances including separate disposable dental tools- disposable
mouth mirrors tips/ explorers/ needles/ forceps, dental( surgeon's) masks/ caps/ surgical gloves,
digital clinical thermometers, diamond dental burs, wheelchairs.

Ya Ou Mei Internatonal Trading Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

medical products including exam/ surgical gloves, disposable dental instruments,
hearing aids, audio phones...

Hortek Co., Ltd. : Dental Instrument

optical machines, parts& instruments including infrared products( imaging
systems, medical / industrial/ science thermographic analysis, infrared
thermometers, zoom telescopes, application papers), industrial/ medical
laser products( markers, welding/ trimming/ ophthalmology/ dental/ surgery
systems, laser instruments), optical products( optical lenses, spherical
mirrors, coating& thin films, etc.).


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